Crayola Color Wonder Review & Giveaway {Closed}

Oh how I love craft projects with the kids, but often find myself cleaning up the mess for hours! Plus, if your little ones are anything like mine, they are young artists! Often deciding the walls or backseat of the car is the perfect spot for their new painting! I could not even tell you how many times I have hidden paint, crayons, markers and other crafty supplies, only for the kids to find them and create masterpieces all over the house or car!

When we travel I always try to make sure we have some kind of projects to keep the kids busy during long rides, and not to long ago stopped allowing any crayons or markers in the car, because I was finding art on the seats of my car!

While I love my kids creativity, I HATE and I repeat HATE, trying to scrub paint, crayons, pen marks, and markers off the walls in the house or ink from the car interior! Now, there are lots of products that claim to be washable, that wash partly off but still leave a stain on the wall or areas where you just don’t want artwork! I had yet to find a true washable marker or paint, until I got to try the Crayola Color Wonder products!

crayola reviewCrayola and MyBlogSpark sent me a Crayola Color Wonder “Summer Travel Imagination” pack that included a Color Wonder Lap Desk, Color Wonder Finger Paint & Paper, Color Wonder Markers and Paper, Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio and Color Wonder Story Stampers.

I’ll admit I was excited to see the new products and give them a try, but really could not see them being to magical when it came to keep art from my home and car.

Some info on the products I received for review:

Crayola Color Wonder Lap Desk provides a large, hard-top surface for kids to create on the go. The sturdy desk has a built-in handle and a soft detachable pillow that can be used as a storage unit for Color Wonder markers and paper. The Lap Desk is equipped with 12 re-stickable pieces of Color Wonder paper to keep kids’ drawings in place and 5 Color Wonder mess-free mini markers in red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

It’s light weight enough for young kids to carry and perfect lap size for the young artist!

Color Wonder Fingerpaints & Paper make the once impossible possible – fingerpainting in the car and mess free painting in the house! The set includes clear, fast-drying gels that feel just like traditional fingerpaint. The set comes with 5 mess-free colors (red, yellow, green, blue and orange) in a hand-shaped storage container, a built-in finger cleaning sponge and 12 extra-wide sheets of Color Wonder paper. When kids are finished painting, they simply snap the fingerprint lids closed and paint stays fresh and ready to use again! You can spill the fingerpaints or intentionally paint on something other then Color Wonder, paper, and nothing will appear! It’s like magic, the paint only works on Color Wonder paper.

Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Paper includes 5 Color Wonder markers and a 24-page Color Wonder drawing pad where your kids can create anything they want while you’re on the road!

Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio provides a solid, compact drawing surface with stay-put clips that can secure a single piece of paper or an entire Color Wonder activity book. Kids will enjoy creating with mess-free Color Wonder markers that make colors magically appear on special paper and reveal special hidden surprises.

Crayola Color Wonder Story Stampers includes 5 Color Wonder markers in red, blue, green, purple and orange, a Color Wonder stamp pad, 6 sea creature stamps, and an 18-page coloring pad with undersea background settings. Each setting is unique, so every page will inspire a different fish tale just waiting to be told! Kids’ imaginations will take them beneath the sea as they stamp color sea creatures using the colorless Color Wonder stamp pad to create innovative stories and scenarios then can then color in. It’s like high tide for your imagination!

The collection I received for review had enough in it to keep 3 of my children happy for some time (in the car and at home)! My 3 year old enjoyed playing with the fingerpaints and stamps, while my 5 and 6 year old liked the stamps and markers the best.


Deep In Thought While Stamping

We took a trip to Tampa, which is 5 hours from our home and decided to take the Crayola Color Wonder products along. I allowed the 3 year old to hold the Stow & Go Studio and gave him the stamps and stamp-pad. It did not take long for my oldest to yell, letting me know he was stamping on the seat! I looked back in the mirror and watched as my curious 3 year old, placed a stamp on the stamp-pad and attempted to stamp the back of my seat. After he stamped it, he gave it an odd look and reattempted it. But, to my surprise, you could not see it! Apparently that is why he was making such odd faces, because he would not figure out how to see his artwork! It really did not show anything on my car interior and left no mess behind! No staining on the seat, no color, NOTHING!

Hands Just Done Painting- Look How Clean

We also used the wonder paper, fingerpaints, and markers multiple times at home. Crayola Color Wonder fingerpaints, make painting a breeze with no mess at all! No colored fingers, tables, only Color Wonder paper art! Imagine my surprise when I did not have to figure out how to get the kids hands free of color from paints! YAY, Crayola Color Wonder products really work and I LOVE THEM!

The Color Wonder Markers are also virtually mess free!  The fingerpaint paint is a thick clear jelly like material, that you can not see but it can make the fingers kinda wet or shiny looking. It is not a liquid material, so you do not have to worry about it getting spilled. The paints only work on the Color Wonder paper, which is great for an activity for the kids while traveling or in the house, when you just don’t feel like cleaning up another mess! When the kids are done with paining, simply wipe their hands off on the paper or a napkin and you’re done!

Handprint Art Made With the FingerPaints

What I Liked About Crayola Color Wonder

  • I Love and I repeat Love, how the markers, fingerpaints and stamps only work on Color Wonder Paper! Not only does it keep my home and car “child art” free, but it also prevents the kids from just grabbing any paper (we may need) and marking it up!
  • I like that we can use them at home or on the road! The products are perfect to keep little ones happy during long trips and work great at home!
  • I like that no matter how hard my kids try to color on themselves, each other, or something they are not supposed too, it just does not work!
  • I also like that I do not have to stress to make sure I keep these product hidden! The worst that can happen is, they color on Color Wonder paper.

What I Did Not Like About Crayola Color Wonder

My overall experience with Crayola Color Wonder products have been fabulous! I do not have a complaint one! There are however, a few things I would like to see in the product offerings! (just to make my life easier)

  • A larger pack of markers with more colors. Since my kids are used to a huge color assortment of crayons, they wanted the same selection in markers.
  • An option of a larger pad of Color Wonder Paper. Large families like mine, would appreciate larger packs.

To kick off the new Crayola Color Wonder Products, Crayola is generously offering to giveaway the same set I received to one lucky reader!

The Giveaway- Now Closed

One reader is going to get a Crayola Color Wonder imagination pack that includes a Color Wonder Lap Desk, Color Wonder Finger Paint & Paper, Color Wonder Markers and Paper, Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio and Color Wonder Story Stampers. Giveaway open to US only.
crayola giveaway

Main Entry Requirement

Check out the Crayola online store and tell me (by commenting below) about product that your kids (or grandkids) would like! This is the main entry requirement for this giveaway. Entries that do not complete this step will be removed.

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Giveaway Details: Giveaway ends 9/9/10 at 11:49PM EST. Please make sure to use your correct email address when entering, as the winner will be contacted via email. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Crayola provided me with the Color Wonder products, information, and giveaway through MyBlogSpark. The opinions stated are mine alone and in no way influenced by the sponsor.
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