Create the Perfect Room Using Nursery Stickers

Preparing the nursery is one way to help prepare for the new arrival. It is often part of the nesting process and many women and men find great excitement in getting the child’s bedroom ready in preparation for the birth.  However, if you are a woman doing most of the work yourself it is not a good idea to take on a huge redecoration project late in your pregnancy; which is where nursery stickers come in.

Avoid VOC’s in Paint When Pregnant to Help Keep You Safe

Paints have a lot of fumes in and volatile organic compounds that are harmful when inhaled. If you have a room which is in good state or repair, which requires some work to turn it into a cute, warm and welcoming nursery, then stickers are ideal.

You can avoid all the hard work involved in decoration, and stay safe without having lots of fumes in the home. Nursery stickers are simple to use, there is no back breaking preparation needed and there are no fumes given off in the application process.  It is fast and effective.

How to Use Stickers for Decorating

  1. Check the walls are clean and wipe over with a damp sponge or cloth
  2. Leave the walls to dry
  3. If you have painted the walls, wait two weeks before applying the stickers
  4. Peel off the sticker and place the top on the wall
  5. Use one hand to press downwards as you apply the rest of the sticker
  6. Any air bubbles can be removed by retrying the technique or popping with a pin and pressing down with your finger

A Huge Selection of Stickers Makes Shopping Easier

There are a wide range of nursery stickers available.  If you know the sex of your unborn baby then you can decorate accordingly.  The nursery walls can be almost instantly transformed just by choosing a gorgeous pack of stickers and spending a few minutes placing them around the room.  You could choose bright and colorful packs of stickers to help stimulate your child, or go from the pastel colors which will be good for encouraging relaxation and sleep as you baby grows.

Boys and Girls-And Surprises!

Many families choose not to know the sex of their baby so that they have a surprise to look forward to.  If you do not know whether you are having a girl or a boy you can choose one of the unisex stickers packs instead.

To help tie the room together think about the accessories in the space.  There are some very sweet curtains and cot sets available on the market.  Try and keep a similar theme to the type of wall stickers that you choose.

Buying a character pack makes it easy to create a themed room.  However, if you prefer to put some more artistic thought into it, why not consider mixing and matching the nursery stickers. You can create beautiful scenes on the walls which will help to spark your child’s imagination when they grow older.

Tie the Room in With a Matching Color Palette

Look for curtains, bed sets, lamp shades and rugs that are in the color palette you choose and the whole room will pull together perfectly. Remember that you will need to add a nursing chair into the space too.  You will end up with the perfect nursery ready for your new baby. The best news is there is no need to get down and dirty stripping and preparing walls. Simply peel off the backs off the nursery stickers and place them where you want them.

Decorating nurseries just got easier with nursery stickers. You can find a wide range of stickers for the nursery by visiting


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