{Decorating} Making Your Living Area Unique

Everybody wants a place that they can say is their very own. Fortunately, there are no rigid rules for decorating and there are several ways for someone to do up their room according to their own taste and without breaking all the décor norms. With the ever creative designs and decorations available, it should be easy to find something to meet even the most unusual expectations.

Are you an artist and do you love bold geometric shapes or you just love the look of abstract art? Why not create your own area rug! Buy a regular area rug in a solid color, maybe blue area rugs or a yellow area rug. Then, get yourself some different colored paints. Use your favorite colors or try and get bold colors that animate each other. Take your rug outside and use a paint brush to whip paint onto the rug, creating your very own original area rug. Let it dry and bring it inside.

Not in love with art? Are you in love with nature instead? There is an amazing new area rug that looks like the rings on a tree! Can you imagine what your living room would look like if you had some mismatched furniture in different shades of yellow, green, or red and placed a rug like this in the room? It would be like your very own autumn forest in your living room.

Children will have as much fun finding area rugs as you! Textured area rugs seem to be the most recent trend in children’s flooring. They help build motor skill development and occupy little ones the various textures and shapes. Alternatively, Flokati rugs are a twist on the old shag rug. They are fuzzy, fun, and all natural! They come in a variety of shapes and colors and kids will love how comfy they are. If you are fortunate enough to have laminate flooring then rugs are the perfect accessory as they are easily cleaned rather than wall to wall carpets.

Flokati rugs are also great as a retro twist in a modern room. Pairing these rugs with sparse furniture makes the room feel a little more comfortable. They are great for someone who is just starting out and doesn’t have a lot of income to spend on furniture.

There is a little child in all of us. Everyone loves to play games. There are many rugs available with games on them. You can find everything from hopscotch to checkers on area rugs. Throw one of these in a game room, or any room to liven it up!

You can even have fun with outdoor rugs. There are rugs that are shaped like a sewer cap. They are fun and creative and would look interesting on your front door step or even on your back porch!

Choosing an area rug should be all about your personality. Don’t be afraid to be bold and daring when choosing a rug. The rug makes the room and should be as much about your personality as the rest of the room’s décor. A brief internet search should tell you helpful hints and tips for finding the right area rug to add to your décor and to fit within your budget. A rug to match your personality is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is a great conversation starter.

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