Decorating Your Fireplace for the Spring and Summer

You love your fireplace and enjoy using it on those chilly fall and winter nights. As spring and summer approach though, you are often left with a big gaping hole that doesn’t see much activity. Instead of leaving the fireplace dark and dreary, try decorating it instead. There are some quick and easy ways that you can make your fireplace a spring and summer masterpiece. Give the ideas below a try.

First Steps
Before you can even think about decorating your fireplace or enhancing it with other items, you need to clean it out. Sweep up and out all of the ashes, dirt and debris from the use you gave it in the cooler months. Take the time to thoroughly clean it out, and you will be ready for decorating it, as well as ready to use it come fall. It is best to protect the area around the fireplace before you start cleaning. A drop cloth and furniture covers for any nearby pieces of furniture will work best and will keep you from having to clean them as well.

Fresh Flowers
After the fireplace has been cleaned out, it is time to start decorating. One of the easiest ways to decorate the fire box is to place a large vase of flowers in it. You can use fresh flowers if you want the beautiful smell and colors of live buds. Artificial flowers are another great option, because, unlike live flowers, they do not need to be replaced at all throughout the season. You could put the vase in right after you have cleaned the fireplace and not have to touch it again until you are ready to light the first fire of the season. A large live, potted plant is also another idea. With a bit of weekly watering, you can have a live, fresh, green plant thriving in your fireplace. For optimal results choose one that prefers shade.

Do you collect dolls? If so, a cute display of your favorite two dolls sitting on doll-size rockers would be ideal for the spring and summer months. If you are a collector of vintage toys, use the fireplace and the mantel as a display ground for your collection.Change it as often as you like to coordinate with spring and summer holidays, or leave it be for the entire season. Always use caution if there are young children in or frequently visiting the home. They may see the display and you may even allow them to touch it, which could lead to confusion and danger once the fireplace is again running.

Decorating the fireplace for the spring and summer months is a great way to make use of a space that might not otherwise be used. It can give a fresh look to any room and brighten the space with ease. If you are truly stuck for ideas, simply place a candelabra with some soft white candles in the space and your room will take on a romantic glow. Once the fireplace has been thoroughly cleaned out, there is nothing that cannot be

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