Designer Disasters—The Most Common Fashion Problems and How to Avoid Them

We all have bad hair days from time to time. Guess what? Some of them are avoidable! In fact, fashion disasters in general are often preventable. From runs in your pantyhose to a skirt stuck in your underwear to wearing a shirt that shows a little too much skin—fashion mistakes can be embarrassing, especially if you’re with people you want to impress, like your boyfriend’s parents or your boss. Here are the most common fashion faux pas and how to avoid them!

Disaster #1: Ignoring the clothing you can’t see.

Your undergarments are important. In fact, having the right bra and panties is more important than following any fashion trend at all. Think of your underwear as the foundation to a house. If you don’t have a great foundation, you might as well be building the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I’m not kidding—you may think that the things you wear don’t really matter, but bras and panties play a big role in fit, and fit is one of the most important aspects of looking good, no matter what your size.

Finding the right undergarments stars with a bra fitting by an expert. Many stores, even those as mainstream as Victoria’s Secrets, offer free bra fittings by their employees. It might feel weird at first, but getting it done will be a lifesaver. Don’t be surprised if you aren’t the bra size you think you are. Sadly, the vast majority of women aren’t buying the correct cup and width. Once you’re snapping on the right size, the rest will fall (or rather, be lifted) into place. You can chose from a variety of coverage types, but make sure that you have a few flesh-colored pieces for under sheer or light-colored shirts, as well as a few sports bras for working out. Everything else depends on you and what makes you comfortable—smaller-chested women may want a bit of padding, for example, while larger-chested women may opt instead for minimized looks with a push-up.

Don’t forget about your bottoms! If you’re going to wear a fitted skirt, pair of pants, or dress, make sure you have seamless panties or things to avoid the infamous PL (panty line!), which can be embarrassing and ruin the look of absolutely any outfit. You can also look for slips or control-top undergarments that can work well in certain situations. And, have you ever wondered why the girls at Hooters seem to have legs that are flawless? Take a closer look—they all wear flesh-colored pantyhose. You can wear them too if you want to hide veins, razor stubble or burn, puckers, uneven tans, and other problems. You’ll look flawless!

Disaster #2: Forgetting your shoes.

When we get dressed, we tend to pull things out of our closets to match together. We may even stand in front of the mirror wearing different items, just to see how they look. Then, five minutes before we have to be wherever it is we have to be, we grab a pair of shoes and run out the door. And that’s a real shame. Shoes can make or break a look, and if you don’t have a fabulous pair that matches your outfit perfectly, you simply won’t look put-together.

Some women have this thing about sneakers. Yes, I know that sneakers are comfortable. Yes, sneakers are great if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. That said, sneakers are not perfect for every outfit. In fact, you really do yourself and your style a disservice if you only wear sneakers. Even with jeans, sneakers don’t always work. They say “sporty” or “comfortable” about your look, but they definitely don’t say “sexy”! You can spice up any outfit with ankle boots, stilettos, kitten heeled-sandals, or even ballet flats.

Don’t forget that your shoes should be totally clean as well! This is one of biggest and most commonly made mistakes. You should wipe off your shoes every day when you come home, especially if it’s raining or snowing. Invest in some show shines as well for your winter shoes, and when they begin to look a bit rough around the edges? Toss ’em or only wear them around the house.

Disaster #3: Overspending.

Fashion doesn’t have to be pricey. While the latest styles from the runways might set you back a bit, there are also really stylish choices available at affordable prices, especially online. Instead of focusing on the latest trends, look for pieces that are extremely unique. After all, fashion is about having awesome personal style, not about looking like everyone else.

Avoid charging too much on your credit cards. You could find yourself falling deeper and deeper into debt this way, and while that pretty floral blouse or strappy pair of black sandals might seems like a necessity now, keep in mind that interest starts to pile up every month you don’t pay them off in full. Those pants that start out as a great bargain at $50 might cost you hundreds when all said and done. Only charge what you can pay at the end of every billing cycle – that way, you can always afford to buy more.

Remember, it’s about making smart choices with the money you have. Instead of buying a dozen poorly made t-shirts that cost $5 each, spend $50 on a single high-quality piece. Also, have a yard sale every summer to recoup some of your costs and clear your closet for new pieces. You’ll kill two birds with one stone.

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