DIY Homemade Valentine Cards

Chocolates, roses, and a plethora of pretty pink and red are filling the aisles of every store. Yes, that’s right. We are only a couple days away from Valentine’s Day. And even if Cupid hasn’t shot you with his arrow, Valentine’s Day is still a fun way to show your family and friends how much you care. But rather than drop a pretty penny on an overpriced card, why not make that special someone a handmade card? Totally thoughtful and much appreciated, a handmade card speak for itself. I’m going to show you a couple Valentine’s Day card ideas that will hopefully give the experienced card makers some inspiration — and will show beginners how fun and easy card making can be! These are also simple enough you can get your little ones involved. Here’s the supplies I use:

valentines day DIY card supplies

Again, this isn’t anything too difficult — just some supplies I grabbed from my scrapbook kit. The options are endless, though.

  • card stock
  • blank card and envelopes
  • Valentine stamps
  • stickers
  • Sew Easy tool
  • rectangular hole punch
  • ribbon
  • thread

A really cool technique is to use a hole punch all the way across a piece of paper or card stock, and then weave a ribbon in and out through the holes to tie in a bow at the end. I usually do this on a piece of card stock, and then glue the card stock to a blank card — that way it won’t show if the bottom looks messy! To get the kids involved, you make the holes, and let them weave the ribbon through.

diy homemade valentines day cards

A couple stamps and stickers later and here’s what I ended up with:

DIY valentines day card

With the next card, I used this really cool “sew easy” tool. Roll it across the card, and it makes perfectly aligned holes that you can stitch through to make a word or design.

seweasy tool

Here is what the front of the card looked like once finished — SO cute!

stitched diy valentines day card

I used card stock to cover the stitching on the inside of the card, dressed it up a little bit, and ta-da!

diy valentines day card

Card making is a fun way to relax, unwind, be creative, and show someone how much you care. It’s also a fun activity to do with the kids, friends, or even a significant other. My boyfriend helped with these! (And yes, I’m going to keep believing in my heart that he thoroughly enjoys scrapbooking and card making with me.)

Do any card makers out there have some good card ideas they would like to share?

P.S. I couldn’t forget my favorite stamp!

hand stamped valentines day card

Author bio: Stephanie is a student and writer from Indianapolis. She loves fashion and blogs at Scarves Dot Net where she writes about everything from her weakness (yellow scarves) to tips on how to style a pashmina.

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