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I am all for bright and fun toys! Color inspires little ones and I loved seeing my babies coo and ahh at brightly colored toys. The new Douglas Baby’s PlayTivity™ Line is not only super cute but very colorful! When I saw this new line I wanted the blankee for Baby Gage as I know he will just love the color! I have not had the opportunity to feel these new toys in person but they look super-soft!

What’s the scoop on the Douglas Baby PlayTivity line?

Douglas Company is popping loads of color, fun patterns and textures that soothe and stimulate into your baby’s world with their PlayTivity™ line. Each toy from this whimsical line is play personified with loads of zippy polka dots, plenty of pinstripes and oodles of color.

Playtivity™ Loopee

Playtivity™ Loopee (shown above) is double the fun at 6” by 8”. There are two donut shaped loops that form the animal’s body making it perfect for grasping with little fingers. The head of its animal style rattles. The feet and tail crinkle. Inside the second loop is a rattle spinner. Like with all PlayTivity™ toys this too has lots of satin must-rub tags throughout. Available in monkey, kitty, dog, and horse animals. SRP: $13 each

PlayTivity™ Blankee

PlayTivity™ Blankee measures 18” by 20” and is full of patterned designs and lots of texture. The animal shape is in the center of the blanket and is surrounded by four triangles of fun. To sooth and stimulate baby, left and right arms crinkle, left arm has two plastic rings, left foot rattles, right foot squeaks, mylar mirror under belly flap, satin tags throughout. Just beneath a soft plush peek-a-boo flap that covers the animal’s belly is a mylar mirror that is sure to surprise. A plethora of must-rub satin tags can be found throughout. SRP: $25 each

You can view this new baby toy line and other Dougla toys at

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  1. Cheryl W. says:

    Aww, what cute and quality looking toys. I am expecting my first grandbaby this fall. I am going to bookmark this site and hopeful I can pick up some good toys for him or her.

  2. these are cute! :]

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