Dressing {Her} for the First Day of School

August has arrived and school is just around the corner! Your kids may be anxious and excited for school to begin, or they might be sad that their summer adventures are about to end. Either way, it’s time to go shopping for school supplies and outfits. If you have a little girl, her first day at school will want to memorable. Help her create a fantastic first day back at school by finding an appropriate yet darling first day school outfit.

If your child is in Middle School you’ll want to make sure that her outfit isn’t light colored just in case she walks in or around dirt during recess. A dress may not be suitable, but perhaps making her look young and preppy will show her fellow classmates that she is ready to learn. Finding her a pair of jeans or slacks will also protect her legs from an art project or bending down to find the correct supplies during class time. Here’s an example of an appropriate first day school outfit that will certainly make her feel special.

Basic Editions Girl’s Polo Shirt: This sweetly folded polo shirt is both pretty and preppy. It’s made from cotton which will make it easy to wash after a long day at school. The shirt also has ruffle trimmed two-button packets to add a sugary embellishment.

Route 66 Girl’s Embellished Jeans: Jeans are appropriate for the first day of school, especially for a little girl who will be sitting, playing, and writing. Colorful flowers embroider these darling jeans and it also comes with a faux leather belt. With her adorable pink pretty shirt and flowers on her jeans, she’ll miss summer but will still be excited to share her summer adventures with her new friends.

Puma Delor Cat SD II V Sneaker – Going with the hot pink theme, these Puma shoes will look darling with your little one’s pink polo shirt and flower themed jeans. The good news is that these shoes are mainly black with one thick pink stripe, which will keep dirt from showing. The velcro also makes it easy for her to get in and out of her shoes quickly.

Tiffany Sterling Silver Girl’s Bracelet – How about before she heads off to school placing a glistening bracelet by her breakfast as a farewell gift? You can fasten it unto her tiny wrist with care, knowing the clasp will keep it in place and the rainbow colors will keep her attention when her mind wanders off to her summer memories.

This perfectly pink inspired outfit is a great idea for your little girl on her first day back in Middle School. It has just the right amount of pink for a girl who is very girlie, but it will still keep her skin and feet protected. If she’s nervous or just plain excited, she’ll want to look her best. Before she heads out the door on her first day back to school, don’t forget to keep a camera near buy. You’ll want to take a picture of her in her adorable outfit that you worked so hard to achieve and you’ll be pleased at the grinning smile near her freckled cheeks.

This post was written by Sierra! Sierra lives in sunny California near the beach and never takes it for granted. In California she not only lives and breaths fashion, she is a Featured Fashion blogger for JoeShopping.com, a social shopping site dedicated to saving you money through online coupons and hot deals. You can also find Sierra at her personal blog Ocean Dreams.
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  1. Delaney Young says:


  2. im in middle school and wouldnt be caught dead in this.

    • Well I guess it depends on how much you like pink! 😉 I happen to love it.

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Sorry you do not like it Meagan. I love pink too and find the outfit adorable for a young girl.


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