Dressing {Him} for the First Day of School

In follow up to Dressing {Her} for the First Day of School, I’m back to feature a boy’s first day of school outfit. Perhaps school has already started for your man; in that case, this outfit will just be another great idea in regards to what he would like to wear. Wearing a school appropriate outfit is always a bit of a challenge for a boy, but it can be achieved.

In regards to what sort of outfits you could seek out, you don’t want to purchase that nice of an outfit because you have a feeling that he may get riled up and get a little dirty at school. However, you still want him to feel cool and confident. Here’s an idea to start your minding thinking about what attire you’d like to see him in and that he’ll be in favor of wearing as well.

Quicksilver Brickston Smoke Heather Youth T-Shirt – If you live near the beach or even if you don’t, Quicksilver is a popular brand name for adults and youth alike. Plus this grey tee is a safe color because in black colors you may find him getting too hot. Grey should still hide the occasional dirt and show off his favorite brand name at the same time.

Charlie Rocket Boys Plaid Shorts – These grey and plaid shorts go with a number of shirts and shoes. This pair of plaid shorts in particular pulls from the grey Quicksilver shirt that he could wear to school. He definitely would be matching and the plaid will offer a variety of shades of grey that will help keep him calm and collected.

DC Frenzy SE Skate Sneaker – Does your youthful middle schooler love to skate? If he does then you are in luck with a pair of skate sneakers. This pair incorporates grey, black, and white, which go with a variety of outfits and should stay clean because of the darker colors in the shoes. Plus, if he loves to skate, he’ll love you forever in these shoes.

DC Boys Jamal Hat – You might want to save this cap for after school, but a DC hat would certainly go with his DC sneakers! If he’s disciplined enough to not wear his cap at school, you can give it to him and he can take it out to protect his face and skin from the sun. However, if he’s a mischievous one, you might want to hold off on the hat until he can manage it.

If he’s headed back to school in a few days, you better heard to the store to get him the best outfit that he would desire to wear. No doubt he’ll want to impress his buddies and also show off his favorite skating brand name or Quicksilver shirt. When it’s all said and done, all he’s really excited about is going home after school so he can skate or bike until the sun goes down.

Bio: Sierra is an ocean dreamer that lives by the ocean and loves interior design, fashion, and writing. Matter of fact, you’ll find Sierra typing away at her apartment as a freelance writer and blogger. You can visit her at her Ocean Dreams blog.
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