Easter Basket Fillers Under $7

Easter is a time when kids think about Easter Baskets and a big bunny hopping around with goodies. Even though  most kids want tons of candy I actually try to add as least amount of candy as possible. The last thing I need are 5 kids jumping off the walls on a sugar high, so our Easter Bunny offers items that are not to sweet!

Here are a few cool Easter basket filled under $7

1. Dinosaur Train: Hatchers by Uncle Milton

Have a nature fan or dinosaur lover? Watch Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don hatch from their eggs! Just place the egg in water and wait for it to crack. Within 24 hours, the characters begin to hatch from eggs. They continue to grow up to four times their hatching size. Once removed from water, characters shrink back to original size. Characters include: Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don. Ages 4 and up. SRP: $6.99 each

2. Dollhouse Wooden Craft Kit

This cute little wooden cottage awaits your creative, decorative touch! The kit comes  complete with paints and stickers, the house may be decorated on both sides to be enjoyed whether you’re coming or going! When it’s finished you’ll love to proudly display it and use it for pretend play! Designed for children ages 4 and up. $3.99 at GummyLump.com

3. First Play Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy by Melissa & Doug

Need something for an older baby that is not a sucker or other sweets? He or she will still be sweet on this adorable colorful wooden toy. Twist and shout with joy! These highly-engaging wooden grasping toys are terrific twisters and fun for hours of delightful developmental fun! Ages 6 mo.’s & up. $6.39 at GummyLump.com

4.Rhinestone Tinker Bell Flip Flops

What little princess does not enjoy glam? These Sequin Tinker Bell Flip Flops will have your little fairy feeling like she’s flying. The straps of these Tinker Bell sandals are covered in glitter and sequins and the large rhinestone will add extra sparkle to her every step. $6.50 each or 2 for $8.00 at DisneyStore.com

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