{Easter Fun} Kids Easter Egg Hunt in a Box

Photo Courtesy The Cocoa Room.

My kids are hyped up on the fact that Easter is right around the corner and they know that means- the infamous egg hunt. But what IF it rains? I don’t want sad kids because of bad weather. I’m pretty sure you don’t either. What fun is Eater for the little ones without an egg hunt?

How about an Easter Egg Hunt In a Box? Gingersnap Alley has come up with a fun idea to keep kids entertained this Easter! The idea is the same as a traditional hunt just with a spin on finding Easter eggs!

To prepare for your egg hunt you will need…..

  • Coloful Easter basket grass (a few bags-the more the better)
  • A giant box
  • 50 plastic Easter eggs
  • 1 Easter Egg treat per child (maybe 2)
  • A wrist watch or timer

How to play…

  1. Cut the box to your smallest child’s waist height. He should be able to lean over the sides of the box and touch the bottom.
  2. Decorate your large box. Skip the glue and glitter mess… Try ribbons, markers and crayons instead.
  3. Fill the box with the colorful Easter grass. This will be fun for your kids because they’ll enjoy getting their hands in there. Make sure it’s fluffed all the way to the brim of the box. (hey, I did say a whole lot of colorful Easter basket grass…did I not?)
  4. Fill the treat eggs. You only need to fill 1 egg per child. Trust me, this makes the game interesting.
  5. Now mix the empty and the filled eggs into the grass in the box. Some will be on the bottom. Some scattered in the middle. Some might sit on the top too. Get them nice and separated though.
  6. Let each child take turns pulling out one egg. Give them 10 seconds to dig through the box and pick out one egg. They may open their egg immediately after they have had their turn in the box. Once an egg has been removed, it cannot be returned to the box.
  7. Keep letting the kids take turns digging around in the box until all of the treat filled eggs have been found.
  8. At this point you can either end the game, or you can keep it going by refilling 1 egg per child.

Thinking about playing this game? Please let me know how it goes. And if you have variations to this game that you would like to share, I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. love this idea! I’m thinking i need to get busy!!!

    • Gingersnap Alley says:

      Hey there Pam…thanks for commenting! I’m so glad you like this idea. You know, there’s really not much to it and I’m glad i decided to come up with a plan B because it’s looking like it might be rainy on Sunday. Woo hoo! If you need any help getting it to work for you, let me know. You can tweet me anytime and it goes straight to my cell phone. Good luck and happy Easter!

  2. Great mess-free game. I usually try to avoid plastic, but I only have two kids and one of them is sick, so it looks like we’ll be spending Easter by ourselves at home. I won’t need that many eggs for two kids.