Easter Made Easy

Make the most of your kid’s Easter break! Fill their break with fun activities that are easy and that they will love. They are only young once so make it count.

Let the Egg Decorating Begin!

For starters, dying Easter eggs is a family favorite. All you need is a dying kit and some hard boiled eggs. To make things extra fun, get some crayons and stickers to help jazz up your eggs. Paint is also a fun way to get even more creative with your egg decorating. Patterns, designs, and faces are all great ways to beautify your eggs. The more creative you get, the more your kids will enjoy it!

Beautify your own Easter Baskets

Get your kids excitedly awaiting Easter day and the famous Easter egg hunt, by making their own special baskets to collect eggs in. A simple and perfect item to use is an empty gallon ice cream tub with a handle. Decorate the outside with felt of various of various colors. Use fabric glue to stick on colorful eggs, bunnies, and flowers. You can use felt or yarn to wrap around the handle. They will be counting down the minutes until Easter morning after this fun craft!

An Appearance from the Easter Bunny

Depending on the ages of your children, you can either have them catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny hiding eggs in your backyard or let them meet the Easter Bunny personally. You can rent an Easter Bunny costume and have the hubby or a friend get dressed up or you can hire someone to do it. The smile on your kids faces and the excitement in their eyes is worth every penny!

Ready, Set, GO!

The Easter Egg hunt is most kid’s favorite thing about Easter. Wake up early and depending on the weather, hide your eggs inside or outside. In the eyes of a kid, the more eggs the better, so if it comes down to filling them with less, but having more eggs, go for it! The most exciting part of the hunt, is sitting down as a family and having the kids open each egg, revealing their prize inside. Make sure to take lots of pictures of these special memories!

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