Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Creating a clever and fun Halloween costume is exciting, however, if you have a tight budget, it can be economically challenging as well. Luckily, there are a number of easy costume ideas that will not leave a big hole in your wallet. Continue reading for some inexpensive, fun and easy Halloween costume ideas to suit anyone.

Easy Costume Ideas for Girls

Little girls love to play dress up all year round but Halloween is extra special. Many girls dress as princesses and fairies on this magical night. However, for girls who would like something a little less common, here are five adorable and easy costume ideas.

  • Wicked Poptart Princess: From several poptart boxes, cut out the picture of the poptarts. Glue one poptart cutout to the end of a plastic stick, forming a poptart wand. Pin the remaining poptart cutouts to a dress. Complete the outfit with a tiara.
  • Smurfette: dress in medium blue sweat shirt and pants. Wear a white sundress over the top. Cover face and hands with blue Halloween makeup. Wear a long blond wig and a white stocking cap and white shoes.
  • Rainbow: Wear a multi colored striped dress and multi colored striped tights. Adorn hair with several ribbons, each a different color.
  • Field of Wildflowers: Dress in a green sweat shirt and pants. Using colored hairspray, color hair green. Adorn hair with fake flowers of assorted colors. Pin some more flowers to your shirt and pants in random spots.
  • Sugar and Spice: Dress in a simple, pretty dress. Pin cardboard cutouts of sugar and spice bottles all over the dress. For added flare, put some glitter on your cheeks and wear a wig with ringlet curls.

Five Easy Costumes for Boys

Boys like dressing as monsters, ninjas, their favorite sports heroes, etc. for Halloween. Here are some easy, and shall we say, manly, costume ideas.

  • Mad Scientist: Using gel, spike hair. Dress in jeans, dressy shirt, lab coat and a bow tie. Accessorize with rubber gloves, goggles and a pocket protector. Carry test tubes and beakers.
  • Robot: Paint a cardboard box silver. Paint dials and buttons onto the front of the box. Cut head and arm holes into the box. Wear gray sweat shirt and pants under the box.
  • Headless Person: Dress in a black shirt and pants. Cut eye holes out of a cardboard box and paint the box black. Wear the box over your head to appear headless. As a prop, carry around a plastic skull.
  • Game Boy: Paint a cardboard box one solid color. Secure a square piece of aluminum foil to box to represent a screen. Paint buttons onto the box to look like those of a Nintendo Game Boy. Cut leg and arm holes into the box.
  • Tombstone: From cardboard, cut out two large, matching tombstone shapes. Paint both pieces completely gray. After the gray paint dries, smudge a little green and brown paint in a random pattern on the bottom to represent dirt and moss. Write the tombstone inscription on one of the tombstones. Pole small holes into either side of each piece and tie them together with string. Wear like you would a sandwich board.

Easy Costume Ideas for Adults

Of course there is no reason why kids should get to have all of the fun. Adults enjoy dressing up for Halloween too. Here are some easy and creative Halloween costumes for grownups.

  • Mother Nature: Dress in a long gown. Adorn hair with assorted types of fake leaves and flowers. Drape a flower garland over your shoulders and wrap loosely around your arms. Pin artificial flowers and leaves to your gown in a random pattern.
  • Father Time: Adorn yourself with a long white wig and fake beard. Wear a long cape or cloak over your clothing. Carry a large hour glass as a prop.
  • Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry: Wear on a half face mask and a long cape. Accessorize with a pair of cowboy boots and hat. Do not confuse this with Phantom of the Opera, although that would be a great costume too
  • Devil with a Blue Dress: Dress in a solid blue gown or dress. Accessorize with devil horns.
  • Gum Stuck to Bottom of Shoe: Dress in pink sweat shirt and pants. Tie a shoe to the top of your head by the shoe laces.
This guest post was provide by Jill Ballantine, who also contribute this piece about Barney Rubble costumes to Unique Costumes.
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  1. I never remember to get my own costume together for halloween with everything else going on. So I’m still trying to figure out what I have. But I saw a blog post I thought I’d share that had some quick and easy costumes. http://aemayer.com/blog/2011/10/more-last-minute-halloween-costumes/