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I have always enjoyed the flicker of candles and the wonderful scents from glowing pillars of wax. If you would have met me before having children you would know that I am a candle lover! I love my home to smell good and I love the glow of burning candles. A dinning table with flicking candle light is so romantic and relaxing.

However, since having children I have been very cautious about candles. I’m always scared one of the kids will knock a candle over and burn themselves or catch a fire. The last several years I have used wickless candles for the scent but miss the glow from candles especially in the evening.

I learned about Enjoy Lighting a few weeks ago. They are a flameless candle company that uses pillar style candle wax but in place of a wick a LED light is used. With Enjoy Lighting candles, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere of candlelight without the unwanted fire risks or replacement costs. These flameless candles can be used in areas where wicked candles can’t go – in a floral arrangement or centerpiece, near curtains or drapes, in children’s bedrooms, or anywhere else!

Enjoy Lighting flameless candles have the look of traditional pillar candles with real wax, realistic flickering effect, and a light fragrances. Unlike a wicked candle, Enjoy Lighting flameless candles do not blow out and do not produce any soot!

{What did The Fabulous Shopping Mom Think?}

Enjoy Lighting sent me a few of their flameless candles for review. I was excited to try them out! When the flameless candles arrived and I opened the package the 1st thing I noticed was a slight scent. I was pretty shocked at how real they looked! They really look like real candles in person!
The pillar style flameless candle actually looks like a real pillar candle that has been burned a few times with a tunnel inside. The tunnel area holds 3 LED lights that you only see if you pick it up and look at it. When the Enjoy Lighting flamesless candles are sitting down they look like an actual candle.

3 LED’s and a computer chip built into the candle produce multiple points of randomly shifting light, creating a glow that flickers, rolls, and casts dancing shadows, just like a real candle flame!

The top of the Enjoy Lighting candles are even designed to look like a real candle with uneven wax. Think about a pillar candle you had burned in the past. What did it look like as the wax began to drip and melt? I bet like the photo below!

Notice the wax melting look. Just like a real burning pillar candle would!

The Enjoy Lighting flameless candles I received use 4 ‘AA’ batteries to operate the LED lights. To cut the LED light on, you simply flick the switch found on the bottom. The candles also have a timer that can be set to run for 4, 6, or 8 hours. I found this feature really cool! There is no need to remember to cut the flameless candles off if you use the timer, as they will cut off at 4, 6, or 8 hours depending on what mode you set. This is nice to keep from wasting the batteries.

When the Enjoy Lighting candle is turned on the LED lights actually glow and flicker-just like a real candle! The picture to the left shows my Enjoy Lighting candles “burning” in the evening with the lights off. You can see by the photo how the light flows down the candle beautifully.

As the LED light flickers the light travels from a bright to flickering dim low light.

These looked beautiful on my end tables at night time. When the living-room lights were dimmed or cut off the glow from the Enjoy Lighting candles looked beautiful.

Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles with the lights on during the day.

Even during the day the candles look nice as an accent to the table. The last few weeks I have moved the flameless candles around my house to see how they look in different areas. I have used them on the kitchen table in a centerpiece, in the bathroom during a bath and in my living room.

The only issue I can see anyone having is the scent. While the candles are in a Vanilla scent, I never smelled it after removing them from the package. I am not sure if it is because the scent is so light and my home always has my wax warmer running or if the scent disappears.

I really like the Enjoy Lighting flameless candles! They look great in my home and provide a realistic glow from a traditional candle! They are perfect for homes that love candle light but do not want the flame from a traditional candle!

{Buy} You can view all Enjoy Lighting products at enjoylighting.com or purchase them from Target, Michaels, Kmart and other fine retailers. View a full list of retailers.

{Win} Enjoy Lighting has generously offered one of my readers a pillar set (2 flameless candles)

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One lucky reader is going to win a pillar set from Enjoy Lighting!  Giveaway open to US. Enjoy Lighting will not give or send candles to winners of past Enjoy Lighting blog reviews and giveaways.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with Enjoy Lighting flameless candles at no cost for my review. The opinions here are mine and not influenced by the sponsor.


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