Enterprising Gals. My 2012 Gift For You Idea Gals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is off to a beautiful 2012.

I’m ready for 2012 to begin.  2011 was full of gifts and challenges (and sorrow since I lost my brother to diabetes). It was also a year of transformation for me.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for about 15 years. While I’ve had a fairly steady career in television and video production for most of my career, I have ALWAYS had a side business that was in some stage of development.

I have always been been drawn to the world of entrepreneurialism. It’s just who I am. I read Inc magazine, not Glamour. I buy business books, not decorating books. I start businesses just for the thrill of it because I’m full of ideas. I’ll try just about anything (even running a mom blog). I’ll get a business idea and within a week I have a website launched and an appearance on a local TV station promoting my new business.

The problem is I tend to lose interest fairly quickly in my business ideas because once I launch them, I want to start the “idea to launch” process all over again. I have always seen this as a quirky thing about myself that wasn’t very productive or financially responsible, but I couldn’t stop doing it because I LOVE this process. So in 2011 I decided to hire a life purpose coach named Tina Games to help me nurture this love of mine.

Tina, and the coaching process, has completely changed my life (as did a book called Life On Purpose which is how I found Tina).

While I have always seen my chronic desire to start a business a frustrating ADD issue, Tina saw it as my gift. Now I do as well. I am an idea gal. I love to come up with business ideas for myself and for other people. I’m good at it. I love to launch businesses. But that’s where the fun ends for me. Getting into the nitty grittiness of running the business is not where I shine.

This passion and gift that has been within me for so long, has given way to a life purpose business for me…helping other women entrepreneurs clarify their business idea and develop it into a real business. I’ve been doing it for years, I just never looked at it AS the business itself.

I launched a pilot program several weeks ago designed to help women who have a business idea, or an existing business, mold their idea and take it through a planning process to get it to launch. Many entrepreneurs fail to plan, and fail to expand their ideas into bigger and better ones. This is where the pilot program comes in.

Within a few days all the spots in the program were filled. I can’t believe the creative, dynamic women this program has attracted.  I’ve never been happier.

I also recently launched my new business and website, Enterprising Gals.

Enterprising Gals takes the overwhelm out of developing an idea and launching a business by working with you, through several different program options, to create a detailed plan of action to get you from idea to launch, including:

    • helping you refine and clarify your business idea.
    • helping you determine how you will make money with your idea (you can’t forget you want to make money!).
    • creating and setting weekly tasks and goals and check-in’s to help you move forward.
    • providing tools for writing a business plan, marketing plan and other resources relevant to your business idea.
    • guidance in setting up your social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • guidance in setting up your business including your accounting system, bank accounts, etc.
    • helping you find new revenue streams and ideas for an existing business.

If you are tossing a business idea around, or have an existing business that needs some fresh energy and ideas, I invite you to visit me over at Enterprising Gals. There are a couple great programs  (including the pilot program), an affordable monthly guidance program called the “Idea to Launch” club and a free ezine subscription. Sign up and get a FREE Idea Map and 8 Tips for Effectively Creating Your Map.

I’m thrilled with my new business, because now I can use my gifts to help other women with their gifts.

Here’s to you getting your business off the ground in 2012 too!

Feel free to contact me at susan@enterprisinggals.com.

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