Entertaining at Home– Basic Tips for Stirring up Dishes in the Kitchen

With Sunday night football happening and the holiday season soon approaching, friends and family will gather around the table and television to quickly find themselves indulging on spicy chicken wings, creamy dips to a golden roasted turkey and honey-baked ham, among a numerous amount of other savory treats. As a guest, it’s only polite to contribute to the feast. Some guests are petrified at the fact that they have to scrounger up a dish that everyone will eat and critic. Whether you’re a high school or college grad, newlywed or just looking to create a culinary bliss in the kitchen, it all starts with a great recipe and basic cooking techniques.

There are several ways to learning how to prepare dishes in the kitchen. First and foremost, investing in quality pots and pans, baking dishes, and utensils are necessary tools for success. Once you have your kitchen filled with the items needed, you’re ready to begin on a new journey for food preparation.

Here are few tips to get you started:

Attend cooking classes – Cooking classes are a great way to learn the first steps to cooking and how to learn new skills from the trade. For instance, the Clarke Culinary Center is the hottest New England cooking school for home chefs with locations in the Boston, MA area and Fairfield County, CT. The Center offers classes 2 or 3 hours in length, ranging from about $60-$85…and well worth it! Cooking classes usually includes the tasting, beverages, food and supplies, so be sure to seek out one in your area.

Invest in a cookbook – For those who physically want a tangible book, invest in a good quality cookbook. There are several cookbooks on the market and some contain a variety of poultry, pastas, baked goods and snack recipes while others are more focused on a specific area of cooking such as meats or dips. The beauty is that you can search through and determine if the recipes are something you’re interested in. To start, select cookbooks that offer 5 ingredient recipes. They are easy to remember and won’t require a long shopping list!

Ask friends and family for recipes and tips – Never shy away from asking for a great recipe. Stock up on all the family favorites so you can recreate for your friends. Also, you might find a trend in most recipes from a specific family member that will help you discover what kind of ingredients are typically used.

Experiment – Nothing is greater than learning to experiment with different meats, pastas, vegetables, and spices. No great chef follows recipes to the tee. So, soon you will be able to add a dash of this and dash of that!

As with everything, learning to cook takes time and won’t just happen overnight. The more you invest time to traveling and tasting different entrees, you will soon savor the taste of spices and ingredients that make a recipe unique, all while learning how to recreate them at home.

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