Experience days that could spark a new hobby

Experience days that could spark a new hobby


Guest post by Samantha Harvey on behalf of Wish.co.uk Gift Experiences.


Learning a new hobby is a great way for people to keep their brain fresh, while making themselves smarter. A new hobby is challenging, which has other benefits besides just making the brain better — for instance, it gives people something to talk about with friends, and it’s also an opportunity to meet new people. Experience days, which are individual tours that give people an opportunity to experience a new hobby or idea, are a great way to help people spark a new hobby or interest.


Experience days include adventures in a variety of forms. You can try a new sport — such as rugby or football. Or, are you interested in learning how to cook a particular cuisine? Learn how. Always wanted to learn how to dance? Now you can with an experience day. From sports to cooking, entertainment to gardening, even stand- up comedy classes! Experience days offer an opportunity to try a new hobby with minimal commitment or investment.


Once you decide to pursue an experience day, what can you do to make sure that you get the most out of the experience? Here are some tips:


* Keep an open mind. The whole idea behind an experience day is to give you a new experience that you otherwise might not try. Because of this, it’s important to go into your experience without any pre-judgement or reservations in your head. This may be easier said than done. However, remember that there was something inside you that sparked an interest for the class. That alone should be enough reason to give it a chance.


* Don’t give up. Often times when we try a new hobby, it can be difficult to latch on to. Mostly because our muscles have no memory of the actions, which makes them less likely to remember the movements. Because of this, it may take time before you are able to excel at the hobby. This can be disheartening for some people, especially those who are used to performing very well. As the experience day progresses, don’t get frustrated and try to stay patient with what you are learning — it may take some time, but you will catch on.


* Engage with others. If you are participating in a group activity, make sure you interact with those who are also trying a new experience. This will make sure that you get the full benefit of the hobby as many people often choose to participate in hobbies with friends, or to make new friends. It will also help you keep an open mind as many of these people are also in the same boat as you in trying out a new interest.


* Reflect on your day. At the end of your day, reflect on what you learned and what you enjoyed about the class. Was it a hobby that seemed like it would be of interest for you in the long run? Did you enjoy what you learned, and what was necessary of you to succeed? If so, perhaps it is something to consider as a long-term hobby. If not, there are other interests and hobbies that can be tried as experience days.


Experience days can be beneficial to your body, mind and soul. It can help you keep your mind sharp, while giving you an opportunity to make new friends, while developing and tuning your muscles. Because of this, experience days are known as great ways to spark an interest in a new hobby and feed a lifelong passion for learning.