Eyewear for Winter: What’s Out and What’s In

There are many fall trends and a variety of styles available to those looking for fashionable eyewear. From drama to comfort, these trends are sure to add some flair and style to your everyday look.

Men’s Eyewear Fashion Trends for Winter

Fly into Style with Aviator Glasses

Once again, aviator-style glasses are in style for this fall. Dubbed as a suitable trend for “Mr. All-American,” the options are virtually endless as these glasses can dress up or dress down any style of clothing. This trend of eyewear comes suitable for those seeking a classic metal look to thick, nerdy frames. Plastic 70s styles are also hot this season. For those who enjoy the aviator style but are looking for a new twist on the trend, bug eyes and squared navigators are worth looking into, so to speak. Aviator glasses may also come complete with touches of leather and may even be mixed with plastics or metals.

Put a Classic Spin on Vintage Glasses

Styles from the 50s and 60s are making their way back this fall season, as popular styles include retro square, oval, and round shapes. These frames, paired with colors such as tortoise, horn, black, and brown bring to mind images of a dapper young man from the past. Other hip trends include glasses that emphasize the brow line and semi-rimless styles. Combining plastic and metal with material add a new twist on the classic styles, yet glasses with keyhole bridges are a vintage item of the past.

Glasses of the Future are Hip Today

Glasses that may seem mundane and boring may be taken over the top with angular and geometric style frames. Technology that was once thought to be inconceivable has now taken sporty and futuristic influences to create hard-edged Wayfarers, layered plastics, and even mono-lens shields. Styles which may seem typically dark or flat may be upgraded and boast color-blocking and printed patterns on the frames themselves. Other hot trends include frames which shield or wrap around the eyes, as well as thicker plastics, glasses with flat tops and sharp, dramatic shapes.

Women’s Eyewear Fashion Trends for WInter

Thick Frames are Still Feminine

The “nerd look” is coming back this fall. Oversized wayfarers and thick, chunky frames are an absolute must, especially if they are clear, brown, black, or tortoise in color. While smaller, thinner versions of this style are available in rimless and semi-rimless frames, the “bookworm” look is now chic and fashionable. Bold colors and half-colored frames as well as frames that accentuate the brow lines and horn-rimmed glasses from the 50s are stylish when paired a cropped turtleneck or knit tights.

Colorful Frames to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

While the futuristic look is a big trend this fall, adding colored frames can emphasize your style even more. Neutral frames that are accentuated with black detail and bright in-your-face colors add dimension and style to your wardrobe. The futuristic look is complete with angular frames in every geometric shape imaginable and adding color to this style is one more way to lighten up your look. Prints, patterns, cutouts, mixed materials, and layered plastics all spruce up even the dullest of outfits and can be worn with dresses, skirts, and jackets for an artsy look.

Vintage Returns

The “cat-eye” look of the 50s and 60s is meowing its way back into fall fashion. These small frames come in square, oval, and cat-eye shapes and are complimentary in warm, neutral hues. Of course, if you opt for this style, the tortoise color is a must-have. Bug-eye shapes and oversized shades are the style while the tinted lenses and gradients help to keep the glasses looking classy and feminine.

Ideas for Inspiration

If you are considering any one of the above trends or are interested in learning about other fall fashion eyewear styles, look no further than the social media surrounding you. Pick up any magazine on the rack and you are sure to find a stylish frame that appeals to you. Do you have a favorite celebrity, and follow every fashion move he or she makes? Take notice of what style or trend they are currently following. If you want a more personal touch, take a friend shopping with you but only choose someone who can give an honest opinion! It is also best to partner up with someone who has a good sense of fashion and who is able to help you decide which frame and style is right for you.

Sara Roberts is a content contributor for Just Eyewear, a prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses retailer.
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