Fab Mommy Fashion; Bring On The Plaids

1. Plaid coat 2. Plaid Satchel 3. Tan Plaid Scarf 4. Pink Plaid Scarf  5. Plaid Knee Socks 6. Plaid
Sunglasses 7. Plaid Skirt 8. Plaid Flats

With the temperatures starting to cool off, it’s definitely starting to feel like fall. For some reason, I always tend to think of plaids at the beginning of fall. Maybe it’s because it’s such a cute print, and fall is my favorite season, I just like to pair two good things together. I’ve also noticed that most plaids come in earth tones, which makes them match perfectly with the changing outdoor scenery.

Because plaid is such a bold print, and you don’t want to risk looking like a lumberjack, it’s best to start out slow if you’re not accustomed to wearing plaid. You can do so by just keeping it in one piece, or by keeping the plaid in your accessories. I love this lightweight plaid coat by H&M, it’s so adorable!

Plaids can be easily pulled off by colorblocking them with a strong color, and plaids look great with black. I can picture a perfect date night outfit consisting of this plaid skirt, a cute black blouse, and some black pumps, don’t you think?

If you don’t want to actually wear plaid, luckily there are tons of cute plaid accessories. Whether it’s your handbag or your scarf, or even a cute pair of shades or a headband, you can get your fix!

Also, if you’re a casual jeans and a t-shirt type, consider wearing a pair of plaid flats, like these from Wet Seal. They can be dressed up or down, which makes them perfect and versatile.

While most of these looks fall in the warm, neutral color category, there are several hues that plaid comes in. Will you be wearing plaid this fall?

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