Fabulous Deal Alert: BOGO 50% Off Sale – Barbie, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels

Barbie-Doll-SaleWho doesn’t love toys? Kmart is currently running a buy-one/get-one for 50% off sale on select Barbie, Fisher-Price, and Hot Wheels toys. The sale is online only, and they have a very good selection to choose from here. The sale is being presented as an Easter “Save The Bunny, Buy Toys Please” campaign. To save on shipping costs, there are a few options for savvy shoppers:

  1. You can take advantage of Kmart’s free store pickup (if you have a Kmart nearby and the items you want are in stock)
  2. You can receive free shipping to your home or business on orders of $59 or more
  3. You can sign up for a free 90-day trial of Kmart’s “Shop Your Way Max” (free 2 day shipping on many Kmart and Sears items). If you don’t cancel the membership before the trial is up, it will cost $79 a year (a bargain if you shop a lot at Kmart or Sears).

One other thing: If you happen to spend over $50 you can use the promo code KMART5OFF50 to save $5 off your order 🙂



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