{Fall Fashion} Bring On The Lace

1. Lace dress 2. Lace handbag 3. Lace scarf 4. Lace skirt
5. Lace dress 6. Lace clutch 7. Lace heels 8. Lace sunglasses

There are several trends that are expected to be hot this fall, but most of them are pretty bold and require you wear super bright colors—something that not everyone is comfortable with. One look that is girly and feminine, and a look that I love, is lace. Whether you get your lace in the form of a dress, skirt, or accessories, it’s definitely on the watch list for this fall!

There are several ways to dress up lace, and there are ways to dress it down. Lace is usually thought to be something a little on the dressy side, so if you want to go casual, keep the lace in your accessories.

Heading out on a first date to somewhere pretty nice? Wear a cute, girly lace dress! Pair dress #1 above with some black stilettos and a black clutch for a fancy date, For something a little more casual, bring out lace dress #5, pair it with some strappy sandals and a cross-body bag for an effortless look. Want to keep it a little more casual? Accessories are a great way to get just a little lace into your look. Pair a flattering pair of skinny jeans with a solid color tank or top, and accessorize with a lace scarf, clutch, or handbag.

Wearing lace is a great way to keep up with the upcoming trends without the fear of overdoing the bold colors. Grab some lace, and get out there!

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