Feed Your Sweet Tooth With Baskin-Robbins Caramel Chocolate Malt

Baskin-Robbins  debuts Caramel Chocolate Malt as the October Flavor of the Month. The flavor is a delicious combo of malt, chocolate and caramel providing the tastes of some of the most beloved Halloween candy. Ice cream enthusiasts and candy lovers alike will revel in excitement for this delicious treat that’s built on a classic malt flavor.

Caramel Chocolate Malt combines classic candy bar elements swirled together to create an ice cream flavor that is reminiscent of your favorite Halloween treat,” said Brian O’Mara, Baskin-Robbins Vice President of Marketing.  “At Baskin-Robbins the flavor of the month is a signature new creation that is inspired by a classic flavor, a holiday, or moment in pop culture – and we think Caramel Chocolate Malt is a natural fit for Halloween.”

The October Flavor of the Month may serve as an inspiration for ice cream lovers, as Baskin-Robbins recently announced the launch of its “Create Baskin’s Next Favorite Flavor” online contest.  Fans can create a personal favorite from a series of base ice cream varieties, flavor ribbons and mix-ins – then enter the contest and share their creations on their social networks.  The winning flavor will be developed in 2011 and will be sold in all Baskin-Robbins locations as the June 2011 Flavor of the Month.

To learn more about Baskin-Robbins and its unique flavor combinations and innovations, consumers can visit the Baskin-Robbins Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BaskinRobbins or follow Baskin-Robbins on Twitter at www.twitter.com/BaskinRobbins. To enter the Baskin-Robbins “Create Baskin’s Next Favorite Flavor” contest, visit http://baskinrobbins.com/flavorcontest/Flavorcreator.aspx

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