Five Advantages of an LCD TV over a Traditional Television Set

It might astound you to think that not everyone is on the LCD TV bandwagon, but when it comes to changing purchasing habits, not all of us are so progressive. Many people are stuck in the 20th century, much preferring the large buttons and three-dimensional shape of the traditional television set.

But that’s exactly what this article is here to rectify. LCD TVs really are superior to the old ones, and if you need specific reasons, it’s time to keep on reading, because if there’s anything we know, it’s that you’re wrong and we’re right. But don’t let our cavalier attitude deter you from the facts: LCD TVs have plenty of advantages, and we’re ready to list them here in the hopes that you’ll change your mind.

Advantage #1: Taking up less space.
The first thing you might notice as you look at an LCD flat screen is just that: it’s flat! Although they’re known as “flat screens,” the real key here is that the entire unit is flat. Many people hang their Larger LCD television sets on the wall, or place a smaller 32 inch LCD TV on a bookshelf or small table. This was never possilbe with older style, large and bulky TV sets. This reduced need for space means more space for your guests, your living room, and your Harry Potter DVD set. Believe us: that’s good news.

Advantage #2: You can watch it from anywhere.
Well, okay, you can’t watch your LCD TV from the Bahamas unless you’re a real technological wizard, and if you’re not on the LCD TV bandwagon yet, there’s a good chance that your wizard powers are somewhat diminished. But you can watch an LCD TV from just about any viewing angle in the room, which means that more guests can enjoy the high-definition goodness even if they’re sitting at awkward angles. Check out’s guide to the best LCD TVs for viewing angles.

Advantage #3: Better-quality picture.
It wasn’t going to take long for us to get around perhaps the most obvious and glaring (well, glaring without “glare”) difference here: LCD TVs have superior picture! They can handle high-definition feeds, which gives you a sharper picture and a more realistic contrast than any traditional TV on the market. In other words, the images on your TV just look better, and that’s reason enough to consider upgrading.

Advantage #4: Prices.
Well, okay, this one isn’t so clear. Prices of older TVs are certainly dropping because the technology for new TVs is expanding at such a stellar rate. But that doesn’t mean that LCD TVs don’t have some great prices; when you consider “bang for the buck,” many LCD TVs actually outperform the traditional-style television sets. A well-priced LCD TV can represent a real bargain and you’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of it than an older TV. Cheaper prices don’t always mean you’ve made a better buying decision.

Advantage #5: Compatibility.
As the world of home theater technology expands, so does the necessity of a TV that can handle the new technology. In short, you need a TV that can handle the high-definition broadcasts you want, the DVDs you want, the Internet you want – you need a TV that’s ready to make your life better in a variety of ways; not just in matters of television watching and couch potato vegetation. A great TV with modern technology like an LCD TV is far more likely to handle a variety of tasks than your old, traditional television set.

Like going from black-and-white to color, some upgrades are inevitable. We hope you’ll take this article as a good explanation of why you shouldn’t fight the future.

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