Five Hot Mommy Bags For The Fashionable Mom

Once you’re carrying around a little one, no more are the days if teeny handbags or keeping things in your pockets. Luckily, larger handbags are in style now, and they look better than ever. Whether you prefer hobos or shoulder bags, or if you like something a little more structured, there is a hot mommy handbag for you!

The floral print handbag from Target boasts a cute print, and since it’s a cross-body bag, it leaves you hands-free. It also has two pockets on the outside which let you quickly stash things away, so you can resume chasing your little guy around.

For something a little more stylish, but still totally affordable, check out Walmart’s selection of totes bags. I love this patent purple tote bag, and it’s only $18! It’s big enough to keep extra toys and snacks inside, and it won’t sacrifice your style. Animal prints are also huge this fall, so you’ll keep on trend with this crocodile print.

The Camilla Satchel, from Handbag Heaven, is definitely a stylish “mom bag.” It comes in a hobo style, so there is plenty of space inside. On the outside, it makes you look super stylish with its leopard print trim! Even if you’re out on a date, this is a bag that could go anywhere.

Do you keep up with trends? If so, you’ll know that plaid is in right now. What a better way to show it off than in a handbag? This plaid structured tote from Target is classy, stylish, and can really hold a lot. No one would know that the inside is filled with toys and diapers!

The final bag, also from Handbag Heaven, is a little bit edgy, but a lot convenient. The Irvington Studded Satchel comes in a few colors, and is also one of those bags that can transition from day to night. The inside of this bag is divided into sections, so you can easily keep your things separate from… whatever else may find its way inside!

There are definitely more bags that can make mommy’s stylish, but these are some of my favorites at the moment. If you’re looking for your own, you can’t go wrong with satchels, totes, and hobos!

Author Bio: Maggie spends her days working for Affordable Style, giving fashion tips for any budget. Outside of work, she spends her time shopping, learning new recipes, and … more shopping!

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