FLIRT! With Color Cosmetics {review}

Cosmetics (especially eye shadows & lip sticks) are a big weakness of mine! I enjoy a new look daily and that can only be achieved if I have lots of color to play with! I normally only use mineral make-up, but after reading about FLIRT! cosmetics, I decided to give it a try!

FLIRT! Cosmetics recently sent me some products to review since I have never used their cosmetic line. The line is created by the same folks from Estee Lauder and are exclusive to Kohl’s stores. Being created by Estee Lauder, I expected great results from the flirty shades of lipstick and eye shadow I received!

{What I received For Review}

FLIRT! Cosmetics sent me 8 products for review.

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1. HIGH WATTAGE Intense & Creamy Lipcolor- A creamy full coverage lipstick that’s saturated with high intensity color. I revived HIGH WATTAGE Lipcolor in Déja – Vù and Dazzle shades of the lipcolor. The Déja – Vù shade appears to be a medium shade of brown online and Dazzle appears to be a very deep pink online. Both arrived in a small box with minimal packaging.

Déja – Vù looks pretty much much the same shade in person as it does online. I was a bit upset about the Dazzle shade, as it is not as dark as I pictured it to be. They are both pretty shades of color that would look good on almost any skin tone.

  • Both glide on easy and feel a lot like lip gloss  when applied to the lips. While the lipcolor is not ultra shinny, it feels kind-of wet when applied. The texture was one I personally do not care for, as I do not like the greasy feel on my lips. If you like the lipsticks that has a texture like a lip-gloss, you will love this lipstick.

2. DREAMY EYES Eyeshadow- Being an eyeshadow lover, I was excited to see a crease-proof eyeshadow that is available in many colors!  I received three different shades of the Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow, Aquavite, Chill Out, and Gypsy Nights. The eyeshadow are individually packaged with one shade per container. Each container opens on the top and slides out to access the shadow and application brush. The top of the container also has a mirror.

Aquavite is a very pretty shade of an aqua blue. It looks like a medium shade of Aqua in the package, but it you apply just one layer it’s a nice soft shade. I have used it with one layer of shade and also multiple for a darker look. I also used the Aquavite color applied with a wet brush (my own brush) and it darkens it up too.

Chill Out is a soft white eyeshadow that also glides on smoothly and has a soft appearance. As with the Aquavite, you can add multiple layers to brighten the white up. I like to use this color in my inner corner of my eye and as a highlighter under my brow.

Gypsy Nights is a very pretty deep pink shade in appearance. Online it looks much softer than it actually is, but is it a really pretty shade of eyeshadow. When I first saw the color, I was not sure how much I would like it because it looks really dark in the container. It looks like a deep burgandy/pink shade, but goes on a bit lighter. This shade I was able to use with one sweep across my lid, for a bold color.

  • These eyeshadows go on very smoothly and a small amount does go a long way. I used eyeshadow brushes I already had and had no issue picking up color. I was able to blend the colors in easily and they wipe off easy too. Even in the heat here, the colors stayed in place for hours and I did not have any creasing at all! For the price, these are great shadows!

3. CHICKSTICK Smooth & Shiny Lipcolor- A high-shine lipstick that provides sheer color in a wet-look finish available in 31 colors. I was excited to try the CHICKSTICK Lipcolor out, because I do like the wet look, I just do not like the “wet glossy feel”. I received the Perfect shade, which is a deep pink shade. It arrived and looks about the same as it did online. The CHICKSTICK Lipcolor is defiantly a shiny lipstick.

  • It goes on well but I did notice that it does not last long. If your going to eat or be drinking from a cup, the color disappears pretty quick.

{I also received}

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4. Limited Edition ROCK-N-REBEL™ EYESHADOW TRIO- This limited edition eyeshadow trio is available in two different color combination’s. I selected the Silver Rebel, which has two shades of gray and a tan shade. There is a dark gray and a lighter shade similar to a silver. All three shades look great together and alone. I have used the tan shade on my lid and the dark gray in my crease blended, and it looks great!

  • These shadows blend easily together and the color combination is very nice. They also wipe off well. The dark gray can also be used as a liner, applied wet or dry.

5. IT CURL Lash Curling Mascara- The IT CURL Mascara comes with a curved brush to help lift those lashes for an ooh la la look! I received Bombshell Black for review and it applied to my lashes clump free! One thing I hate about some mascaras is how they cause lumps and clumps in the lashes that look horrible.

I applied two coats of the IT CURL Mascara and did not have any clumps at all. The brush also helped curl my lashes up without having to use an eyelash curler.

  • I like this Mascara and the brush! My lashes appear longer and thicker when I use it. It dries very quick when applied, so you do not have to worry about shutting your eyes to fast and ending up with raccoon eyes! It also cleans off easily! I have used mascara in the past that left horrible dark shades under my eyes when it was removed and IT CURL did not. It is not a water-proof mascara, so if your not swimming in a pool it will work great!


I like that FLIRT! Cosmetics are priced affordable and like the selection of shades for every product.  Many cosmetics are so expensive that make purchasing them out of the question for some. FLIRT! products are priced perfectly for the quality.

Of everything I received for review, the eyeshadows are my favorite. I liked the ease of use, the lasting color, and selection of colors from the eye collection. I would purchase these again!

While the lipcolor was not a good match for me, those that like the wet glossy lipsticks will enjoy these.

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  1. Amanda Hall says:

    I love the Flirt it Curl Mascara! It is awesome!

  2. Linda Davison says:

    Signed up on FLIRT and love the Limited Edition ROCK-N-REBEL™ EYESHADOW TRIO-♥

  3. I don’t wear eyeshadow that much but the creamy lipcolor looks really neat!

  4. Love love all the comments and love your blog~! Regarding the eyelash curler, I so agree! Without my lashes curled my eyes look smaller. I use the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler, Best ever~! it has a gold sturdy curler like the Shu one and it gets heated on a seperate heater base thingy. I read reviews on and Love it! I love makeup and curly lashes that really lasts. Thanks for all you do!…:)

  5. I love Tint-A-Licious Lipsheer. My favorite shade is Flashy

  6. my daughters always gravitate to this display at Kohls but we hadn’t heard of anyone who has tried it yet. I DESPISE spending money on make up that doesnt work out. I know my teen daughter would love the Rockin Rebel trio…I will be sure to check it out next time we are there…these would be great for stocking stuffers. Just wondering if they have a REALLY light shade of pink for lips, my 11 year old wants to try just a hint of gloss. No makeup for at LEAST a few years though! thanks for the info!

  7. evelyn goettner says:

    I’ve never tried Flirt cosmetics but I’d like to. I especially would like to try the mascara. I hate mascaras that make your eyes look all clumpy. This one seems perfect and I like that it gives them a little curl too. Can’t wait to try it.

  8. Thanks for the awesome review – I think the lipcolor would be a better match for my skin tone from what you described if you want to send it along 😉

  9. Jennifer B says:

    great review, you have me very interested in the chicksticks! I would have never looked at them twice with out your review

  10. I would like to try the Bombshell black mascara. I’m glad it does not clump.. that is so frustrating. Thx for the review.

  11. I luv the Flirt products! They are reasonably priced too!

  12. I think I’d actually like that lipstick. I love it when they have that “lipgloss feel”. I love the red they sent you, too. I want to try that mascara, too. Thanks for the detailed info!

  13. I never leave home without lipstick and the CHICKSTICK Smooth & Shiny Lipcolor sound GREAT!!! I like the idea that it has a high-shine that provides sheer color in a wet-look finish and BEST!!! of all available in 31 colors.

  14. FLIRT! is the main brand I use for my basics, I found them from Kohl’s some of their shadow bases (like honey lemonade) are amazing and bold.

  15. Lisa Foster says:

    I have never tried FLIRT, but I am always looking for new quality cosmetics–the eye shadow trio looks interesting.

  16. Jacqueline Griffin says:

    The Limited Edition ROCK-N-REBEL EYESHADOW TRIO looks very fun! I signed up for your news letter. Thank You!

  17. My eyes are my favorite, I love to decorate them. I will have to try the flirt eyeshadows, it’s hard to find inexpensive shadows that last. I love their mascara, I have never been one to use an eyelash curler but with this you don’t need to.

  18. I never even knew Flirt had a makeup line. Will be interesting to see where Estee Lauder takes the brand, I love a lot of EL products over the years.

  19. As I sit here with dry from the weather lips, that creamy lipstick looks like something I could certainly use. I do like the lip gloss type things so I’ll have to look for this. Thank you.

  20. Crystal W says:

    I’m a sucker for make up too! I went into Rite-Aid today to buy batteries and ended up with 40 worth of makeup too (okay they had a big sale but my purse already weighs more than a baby elephant with all the make up I have so its not exactly like I needed it). I love the shade of Rock-n-Rebel you to try to make a smoky eye with the should post some pictures of your looks!!!

  21. These look great! I’m a big fan of ELF cosmetics that I found through a blog/review site, so this looks like something else I need to try – always looking for great new cosmetics!!

  22. Great review! I might have to try the IT CURL Lash Curling Mascara. I have a hard time finding mascaras that don’t uncurl my very straight eyeleashes after I’ve used an eyelash curler.

  23. thanks for the review. I have not heard of Flirt before (which is not unusual as I wear very little make up 😉 I am interested in trying the masara

  24. WOuld love to try the rock and rebel eyeshadow trio!

  25. I wouldn’t mind have the Limited Edition ROCK-N-REBEL™ EYESHADOW TRIO!

  26. I have never had any luck with eye shadow, it always creases… so you make this brand sound interesting. thanks!

  27. I’ve never heard of Flirt cosmetics before, thank you for your reviews, it’s very helpful.

  28. Katie Smith says:

    I would really love to have the Dreamy Eyes-Eyeshadow! I think its an awesome shade! Katie

  29. I have never heard of Flirt products before but the eye-shadow-trio looks awesome!

  30. rebekah arnold says:

    sounds like great makeup im not one to wear makeup often but when I do i like it to be good quality and id like a lipstick that staywsw put ( yet to find one ) got any suggestions 🙂 thanks for the great review

  31. I love makeup too, and I tend to buy many different types and brands, especially eye shadows I love all the great colors that are available and I kinda do the same thing &change my look everyday, usually I am into the blues/aquas/purples and pinks and I love mixing them up to get different results, I never thought of applying it wet as a liner, thanks for the great tip on that I plan to try it today. I havent tried Flirt yet but have seen it at Kohls and I did look at the many, many items that are available and couldnt make up my mind actually at the time so I thought maybe next time, now I am inspired to look at it again. I really like mascara that does what it says, I have used the Maybelline (pink/green) since I started wearing mascara about 35 yrs ago and havent found anything yet that is any better, I am thinking about trying the IT Curl and see how that works, I prefer regular mascara over waterproof stuff, I want mine off when I decide, not the kind that is impossible to take off, I dont wear lipstick much, but the Chickstick lipcolor does sound more up my alley, thanks for the great review, I always enjoy reading other people views on kinds of makeup and ways to apply it. 🙂

  32. I love wet glossy lipsticks as I think they feel great and also love the Eyeshadow Trio. The colors go well with each other.

  33. shannon thompson says:

    i love this stuff.

  34. rebecca b says:

    I hate clumping mascara so when I hear a review for one that truly doesn’t clump, I’m all about it!!

  35. Claire S. says:

    I have been looking for a good mascara!

  36. My wife would like this. She is always fussing about makeup and would find this to be an upgrade.

  37. I love this brand, such vibrant colors!