Four Tips for Fourth of July Decorations

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Say ‘Fourth of July’ and immediately, three colors come to mind. These represent so much of what Independence Day is all about: freedom, liberty, and our nation’s heritage. But what if there were more ways to glorify the Star-Spangled Banner? Here are four creative ideas for Fourth of July decorations that take the “old” out of Old Glory and bring in a new spirit for the country’s most celebrated holiday:

1. Banners. Instead of defaulting on hanging a large flag on your porch, gather silk banners in red, white and blue and decorate them with classic Independence Day phrases, such as “Freedom for All” or “Pursuit of Happiness”. Then, hang them from your porch banister or above the windows. Not only will it give your home an eye-catching display, it will also be more meaningful.

2. Curtains. True – changing curtains for a single holiday can seem over-the-top, but it can also be a serious eye-catcher when guests come over and a large curtain of the Star-Spangled Banner is hanging in your living room. If not, covering the windows in thin, colored paper or colored Saran wrap also gives a similar (and most cost-friendly) effect!

3. Place mats. Have kids? Purchase blank placemats in cloth or plastic and have your kids go wild on the colors. You’d be surprised at how creative kids get when given the chance. This is a cool way for them to release their creativity and a fun way to make unique and memorable Fourth of July decorations.

4. Yourself! Nothing says “American” more bluntly than sporting the T-shirt, the hat, the jewelry, the whole nine! Whether you’re heading to a backyard barbecue or to a potluck pool party, go decked out in red, white, and blue with striped and starred accents. For the fashionable mom, earrings, headbands, and other accessories are all game as Fourth of July decorations.

Fourth of July decorations don’t have to be expensive to be properly festive. After all, part of being creative is using what you already have and turning it into something new and unique. For this Independence Day, channel your inner creativity and steer slightly from tradition in your Fourth of July decorations.

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