Four Tips For The Budget Vacationer

Vacations can be expensive. When you add up all the airfare, food, museum tickets, souvenirs, and other expenses, you might end up paying off your last vacation as you’re trying to book your next. Keeping costs down during a vacation doesn’t have to be painful though. You don’t need to eat peanut butter sandwiches and beg tap water off restaurants to have an affordable trip. Use these four easy tips to make your next vacation fun and frugal.

1. Eat Street Food

Managing food costs on vacation can be a challenge. Where ever you travel, soaking up the local culture through their cuisine is all part of the fun. You may save money by packing sandwiches but you’re missing out on an integral part of the travel experience. Instead of making your vacation miserable by avoiding eating out altogether, eat out for lunch. Lunch portions are often cheaper and only slightly smaller than dinner portions. For dinner, either eat in or take to the streets. Street food is a great way to tap into the gastronomic delights of the city you’re visiting. If you’re traveling with with an over-21 crowd, many countries put out a full buffet available for only a couple drinks.

2. Find Free Museums and Attractions

Researching your vacation destination beforehand can pay off big for the budget vacationer. Many city museums and attractions open up their doors to the public for free during certain days or hours. In Madrid, see the works of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso for free at the Museo de Reina Sofia from 7-9pm. In Paris, explore the Louvre for free on the first Sunday of each month. Be prepared to fight the crowds but if you’re only interested in a couple works or a quick museum experience, visiting a city’s attraction during a free day is a great way to see the sights.

3. Buy A City Pass

If you’re not prepared to face the masses to save a couple bucks, consider looking into a city pass for your vacation. Many cities offer a bundle package for museums, attractions, and transportation that can save hundreds if you’re ready to do some serious sightseeing. In New York City, visit the Empire State Building, MoMa, Statue of Liberty, and three other attraction for half the price of buying them separately. A city pass is a budget-friendly way to see your vacation city.

4. See A Show – 1/2 Price

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, Rome, or New York City, leaving without a visit to the theater is like visiting the ocean without looking at the water. Any city with a theater district will have discount ticket booths that offer great seats at half the price for many of its most popular shows.

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