Fun Designs for a Childs Bed

When decorating a child’s bedroom, one way to add a lot of fun to the room is to give the bed a special design treatment. Children love to have a fun bed, and an interesting bed design can set the decorating tone for the entire room. Whether you are decorating the room for a boy or girl or even for multiple children who might be sharing the same bedroom, there are a number of fun decorating designs you can use that any child would love.

Vehicle Bed
The classic favorite bed style for a young boy is often a car or truck bed. Although there are pre-made beds in these styles that you can purchase, you can also design your own vehicle bed and save money. Your car or truck bed could be created as simply as using a standard bed frame, as well as a wooden headboard and footboard, and painting it in a bright race car color. Once you have the bed painted a solid shade, use other colors of paint to add details such as headlights, and perhaps windshields on the head and footboards. Wheels can be added by either using old wagon wheels and bolting them to the legs of the bed, or cutting circles of wood out and painting them to resemble wheels. Add car or truck-themed bedding, and your little boy will be in bed heaven. Of course, if your boy has a preference for construction equipment or other types of vehicles, with a little planning and creativity, you could design these styles of vehicle beds as well.

Princess Bed
Little girls often love storybook tales of princesses, so a fun bed style can be a princess bed. You can easily create your own elaborate princess bed by using a four-post bed and draping it with fabric to create a bed fit for a fairytale princess. You can also create a more basic princess bed by cutting a new headboard for the bed out of plywood, making it in a fashion that simulates a fancy bed. This can either be painted, or you can use spray adhesive to add a layer of polyester batting to the bed, and then use a staple gun to cover the headboard in an opulent fabric such as satin or velvet. You can even accessorize your little princess’ new bed by painting, stenciling or stitching her name on the headboard.

Tent Beds
All young children seem to love a bed tent. Not only do they provide your child with a place to sleep, but they are also a lot of fun to play in during the day as well. Bed tents come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can select one that coordinates with the rest of the room. Or, select one that is fashioned to look like a small house for even more playtime fun.

Fun Bedspreads
You can also add fun bedspreads, such as those that have game boards and play towns on them, to add some excitement to a child’s bed. These styles of bedspreads are a quick and easy way of adding a fun design to a child’s bed.

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