Fun and Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a time devoted to confessions of love and gifts of adornment. Of course, flowers and chocolates are the most often purchased gift on this holiday. But do you really need to spend all that money on gifts that only last but a few days? With a little creativity, you can say “I love you” without skipping bill payments.

Flowers and Chocolate

At this time of year, roses double or triple in price. You could buy them in January or March, or you can search around at your local chain grocery store. They often sell the same product for half the price of a florist. And instead of all the chocolates specially packaged with a Valentine’s Day theme, buy chocolate at a bulk foods store and create your own crafted container to put them in.

Hand-Made Gifts

Hand-made gifts not only say I love you from the heart but it also gives a personalized touch to your gifts.

Valentine’s Coupons – Make a booklet of Valentine’s Coupons to entice your recipient with everything they would enjoy. To make cut about 20 strips of ½ inch in height by 3 inches in length from pink or red construction paper, or you can buy specialty paper with Valentine’s themes. Once you have cut the strips write out your coupon message, “This coupon good for one hour full body massage.” Think of things your significant other would enjoy or chores they would rather not do.

Soda Case Wrap – Wrap your valentine’s favorite soda or beer in cute wrapping paper. To make the gift, wrap a piece of embossed red paper around the cardboard case. If there’s a handle, cover and tape with an old card, then cut out the opening. Decorate the package with hearts and ribbon done by your desire.

Romantic Movie Basket- In a basket of your choice place two bottles of their favorite drink and snack food, a small gift, then their favorite movie from your collection. To splurge, your “date in a basket” could instead include a pair of gift cards to the movies you can use at a promised later date.

You can make this kind of gift basket for your valentine for any other theme. If they like golf, combine golf related gifts in your basket.

Valentine’s Day Cards – Make them! Find the inner child in you, or better yet, get your children to busily make some Valentine’s Day cards. Using red cardstock, fold in half and cut out half a heart. Decorate with glitter, a poem, stickers and any other craft materials you have around the house. Check out some other neat Valentine’s craft ideas for kids.

Half Price Meals

Local restaurants want your business this Valentine’s Day, and will often give some great deals. Sign up for a variety of “daily deal” type websites, such as Groupon and Living Social, where you can purchase a monetary gift certificate for half price or more.

Go out for lunch instead of dinner. Meals are usually a lot cheaper than the price of dinner, and come with nearly the same portion sizes. As well, lunch will not be as busy, especially if you didn’t make reservations.

The best option, of course, is dinner in the kitchen. Make a heart-shaped pizza and watch a movie at home. Make your partner’s favorite meal, even if you have to splurge a bit for a special meal. It’ll still be a lot less expensive than a restaurant, and the only person you’ll be tipping is your spouse!

Written by Chris Molnar, a freelance writer and editor of a site on kids birthday party ideas. He has plans for Valentine’s Day, but he can’t reveal it, in case his wife reads this post before then! His two children gives him a supply of eager hands to construct home-made cards for family members.

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