Getting Your Child Ready For Their First Day Of Term

   For many parents there are few days that cause more anxiety, and joy, than their child’s first day of school. Particularly for first time parents, weeks and months in advance of the big day can be eaten up by worrying about all the things that could possibly go wrong.  The key to making sure that everything goes well and there are no hiccups come the big day, is preparation. There are a number of emotional as well as practical aspects that need to be considered but there is nothing a simple bit of planning can’t fix.

When a child graduates from nursery to school they will often have to go from wearing their own clothes to wearing a uniform. Even when this is not the case, a child will need to have a smart outfit to wear on the first day of term. A great bonding activity, and one that will help your child prepare themselves for the first day of term, is to go shopping together to buy their new school clothes. Trying on uniforms and school shoes in particular will help your child feel more grown up and mature and it can be fun to let them help you pick their clothes. The key is to focus on inclusiveness and letting your child feel as involved in the situation as possible. A great way of doing that is, before shopping together, to draw up a list of things they will need when they begin school which you can buy together. The list making process provides an opportunity for you and your child to talk about school in a way in which you can inform them what to expect come the big day. One example is explaining why you are putting things on the shopping list; a lunch box, for example, is added to the list because, although you will make your child’s lunch every day, they will be eating at school and not home like they are used to. Going through every item on your list explaining things like this will help them understand school in a practical manner. Let them make suggestions too as it will help you understand what their preconceptions are too.

Another important part of preparation before starting school is to allow your children to become familiar with their school. Take them to have a look around beforehand as they will be spending a large proportion of their week here and they need to be comfortable in their surroundings – taking a tour is good as they will be able to know where they will play, where to go to the toilets and where they will eat their lunch. A visit to the school will also allow them to meet their future teacher; this familiarity will decrease anxiety before beginning. Tell your children about all of your school memories to let them know about all the fun they will have and all their friends they will make – hearing about their parent’s school days will help them understand a lot of things.

Come the big day there should be little left for the parent to do. Once they have dropped their child off at school, all that a parent can do then is give their child all the hugs they need and let them know that, come the end of the day, you will be waiting for them. Once they have finished their first day of school, there will be so much relief of stress for a child’s parents. And, at this point, it will be great to turn the tables so the child can tell their parent all about school instead of vice versa!

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Kieron Casey is a fashion writer and nervous parent who is already shopping for his son’s boys school shoes.

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