Give Mom Something Special for Mother’s Day Without Breaking the Bank

Mom is an amazing person in your life that deserves the best when it comes to her special day. With today’s economic climate–not to mention gas prices–doing something for Mother’s Day that she’ll absolutely love may seem impossible on what may be a limited budget. However, making the day special for mom really doesn’t have to mean dipping into your savings or maxing out your credit card.

Some Things You Can Do For Mom That WON’T Leave You In the Poor House

• Take Her Out To Breakfast Or Brunch – Many restaurants do special deals on Mother’s Day, and taking her out to a nice breakfast or brunch is a great way to start her day off right. The other advantage to this is the fact that most restaurants are positively mobbed with people during the lunch and dinner hours on Mother’s Day, and getting in for breakfast may be a way to avoid some of the bigger crowds.

• Cook For Her – Maybe you don’t know the difference between a whisk and a spatula, but taking the time to cook a special meal for mom gives that personal touch that shows you really care. Your meal doesn’t have to be an overly complicated three course feast, but making something delicious that is within your cooking abilities is a gift she’ll remember for years to come.

• Take Her To a Ballgame – If mom is a sports fan, especially for baseball, taking her to a Mother’s Day ballgame may be just the ticket. This one seems expensive, but really doesn’t need to be. While Major League games may seem prohibitively expensive, websites like can often net you some very inexpensive seats. Alternately, if you have a minor league ball club in your area, taking mom to one of those games can be an inexpensive way to spend the day at the ballpark.

• Do Some Gardening – Maybe mom hasn’t had time to set up a flower or vegetable garden or maybe she just can’t physically get all the weeding and planting accomplished on her own. Why not give your green thumb a bit of exercise and do some gardening for her? Weeding and planting a flower garden can be fairly easily accomplished in an afternoon, and if you’re feeling ambitious you can try tilling and planting a backyard vegetable garden. Whatever you think you can accomplish, you can bet mom will love the fruit of your labor.

• Create Something For Her – Do you have any talents in the creative arts? Perhaps you can paint a picture, write a poem, write a song or do anything else that gives you the ability to stretch your creative muscles. Handmade presents are often the most treasured of gifts, and taking the time to create something beautiful for mom can provide the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

• Give Her Your Time – Maybe all mom really needs is for you to spend the day with her. Whether this involves going out to a museum, to a miniature golf course or some other outing that is fairly inexpensive or just spending time at the house catching up together, spending that time with mom can make the day as memorable as if you bought her a diamond necklace.

Whatever you decide on, you can be sure that mom will love the thought and care put into her gift.

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