Go Green This Halloween and Host an Eco-Friendly Halloween Party

eco friendly halloweenThe bathing suits have been stuffed into the back of our drawers and there’s a crunchy layer of leaves covering the sidewalks, which lets us know that summer has ended and fall is here. Before we can wrap a scarf around our necks, trick-or-treaters will be knocking on our doors in search of sweet treats.

Chances are that sometime during the spooky season, you’ll throw a Halloween party. But did you know that you can have your awesome party, protect our planet and save money, all at the same time?

Check out these tips inspired from http://www.healthcarecolleges.net to help you throw the best Green Halloween party ever! We’ll have your details dripping in green… even down to the food and invitations!

Where to Start:

Shopping – Not many people enjoy stressing out over all of the details for a party, so try to minimize your shopping list for a more relaxed and fun party. Look through your stuff and see if you can reuse your decorations instead of going out and buying all new stuff. I know this might be difficult, but aim to complete all of your shopping in a single trip. You’ll save on gas and reduce your carbon emissions and pollution. When purchasing non-food items, only buy ones that are made from earth-friendly materials and contain the least amount of packaging possible. Also, as with everywhere you go, be sure to bring your own reusable shopping bags to use instead of paper or plastic.

Request the Presence of Your Ghouls – You can invite your guests in a couple of different ways. The best route is to use electronic invites for your guests. Forgoing the use of paper will not only save you money on postage, but will conserve paper and energy! If you just have to send them in the mail, use recycled cards or use tree-free paper products, like those made from hemp.

The Life of the Party:

Ghouls’ Grub – THINK LOCAL! Stop by a local farmers market to pick up some fresh and tasty, organic produce. Choosing locally-grown food cuts down on the food’s travel and transportation time, resulting in fresher ingredients and a lessened environmental impact. Opt for foods that are bright with Halloween colors. Look for black, green and orange foods to create some spooky treats. The options are endless! You can make a vegetarian chili or mini pizzas with black and green olives and orange bell peppers. Enlist the help of friends and have fun getting creative!

Creepy Ambiance – Deck your place out with spooky décor like drippy candles, but make sure you buy candles made of beeswax or soy and NOT petroleum. Ditch the plastic silverware and use recyclable, reusable dinnerware instead. Another good tip is to use cloth napkins instead of paper! Looking for a less scary and more fall-ish décor? Bring the outdoors in with pumpkins and leaves, both decomposable, to give your place a festive, natural feel.

Fun – Jumpstart your party with some interactive games and activities! Get back to your childhood and bob for apples, make masks out of recycled paper, have a pumpkin-carving competition (make sure you compost your pumpkins when you’re done), build a scarecrow using old clothes and recycled newspapers to stuff it, see how low you can go in a game of limbo using a “witch’s broom”, paint reusable trick-or-treating bags, decorate pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies (made from all organic ingredients), etc. The ways for green fun are endless!

Once They Hit the Road:

Treats– Guests should leave your party with a special treat to remember the fun by. Here’s a good tip: Whip up some homemade, organic cookies and wrap them in cute, individualized, recycled-paper baggies. You could even hand out organic cotton baseball caps for decorating, bookmarks with recycling messages, etc. Aim to keep the cost down and the environmental impact low.

Time to Clean- About to toss your decorations? Don’t even think about it! You can save the decorations for use next year…you’ll save money and the environment! Don’t forget to compost your food scraps to reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill. Of course, recycle any aluminum cans or glass bottles!

Throwing a killer, green Halloween party is an awesome way to have fun with friends, celebrate the season and preserve our planet. Try your best to make all aspects of your party environmentally-friendly, but if that’s not possible, be sure to incorporate some of the components of going green—even the little things make a huge difference.

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