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I had the pleasure of receiving a free copy of “Grandpa Ray’s Adventure Stories for Children” from Grandpa himself, Ray Hankes. Ray created this book of tales for his own grandchildren to enjoy. Just the idea of a grandfather writing stories for his grandchildren made this book a hit with me (read more about Ray at the bottom of this post).

Of course, the real test is how the kids will react to it.

When I received this colorful book in the mail, I immediately sat down with my three-year-old and read him a couple stories. There are 10 different adventure tales to choose from, each one involving a wild cast of characters and adventures. But they all weave in a good messages for kids. As Grandpa Ray said himself:

“For untold generations, storytelling has been a way of passing on family values, creative ideas and information about the environment,” says Hankes. “When a grandparent takes on the role of storyteller, there is a valuable opportunity to share the gifts of laughter and joy—and sneak in some life lessons, too.”

I thought the stories in the book were unique and whimsical.  Grandpa Ray clearly has a wild imagination, which made each tale a fun adventure. My son couldn’t sit still through a whole story, but that’s the case with most books I read to him. He’s a little on the young side for these adventure stories, but I’m guessing by next year, he’ll be much more interested in these stories. My husband and I got a kick out of them and I know my nieces and nephews (ages 6 – 9) will enjoy this book.

I say kudos to Grandpa Ray for creating something so fun and interesting for his grandchildren and for everyone else to enjoy. I am always inspired by people who do creative things like this for the world!

You can purchase this book at Amazon for only $13.49.  I encourage you to purchase this fun book as a gift for friends, families or neighbors. Support the fabulous Grandpa Ray!


And the best part is, Grandpa Ray is giving away 4 FREE COPIES of Grandpa Ray’s Adventure Stories for Children to The Shopping Mom readers! What a perfect present this book will be for the kiddos!


To enter, simply leave a comment below sharing your favorite childhood book.


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Four different winners will be picked at random and notified on Thursday, December  8th.

Good luck and happy reading!!

About Ray Hankes

The oldest of eight children, Ray Hankes has never lost his playful, childhood spirit. You can find him on the floor playing with children or serving as the local nature expert with the neighborhood children using his doctorate in animal science. Hankes has worked in many industries, including agriculture, farming, education and the pork and meat industries, but he has always had a knack for sharing adventurous stories with children. He and his wife, Ellen, have two grown children and two grandchildren with another on the way. Visit Ray at .

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.


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  1. I liked the mischievous and funny “Curious George” series,…. nd the wildly creative “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back” was my very favorite book, I still have it, 50 years later! These Grandpa tales (or tails, haha, I love the cover design) would be absolutely wonderful for “Grandpa” to read, in his many voices! How perfectly delightful and fun!

  2. One of my favorite childhood books is Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman… Many thanks, Cindi