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Comfort is at the forefront of most people’s minds when it comes to buying furniture, but recently, the trend in purchasing eco-friendly furniture has rapidly increased and is becoming more popular each day. Environmentally friendly sofas are the new way to relax at home. They’re comfortable, stylish, and knowing that you’re doing your bit to help protect the environment is a great personal relief.

When you bought a sofa in the past, you probably shopped at a general furniture store and looked at various styles, comfort, practical features and durability. Until recently, the idea of sofas or other pieces of furniture being environmentally friendly has not crossed many people’s minds. Because of the sudden increase in environmental awareness, people now often opt for more eco-friendly furniture for their homes, making environmentally friendly furniture a fast growing market.

Eco-Friendly Montego Navy Pennyback Sofa

There are many features that a sofa must have in order to be considered an environmentally friendly sofa. Features that make these eco sofas good for the environment are the way they are produced, how they are sourced, and how they are shipped to the various manufacturers or stores. An environmentally friendly or “green” sofa has to be made in such a way that it causes a minimum amount of environmental damage. To keep fuel emissions as low as possible, most green sofas are now produced locally at the places that sell them. That way, fumes and unnecessary carbon monoxide are not pumped into the air during transit.

Eco-friendly sofas are typically produced using organic fibres and natural materials. Due to advances in the production of eco-friendly sofas and the continuously rising demand, green sofas now come in a large variety of designs and price ranges. Gone are the days when eco-friendly furniture was costly and ugly. We are now at a point where eco-friendly sofas can be super-comfy and stylishly cool.

Tonto Sofa hardwood frame using lumber from certified sustainable forest

When it comes to pricing, eco-friendly sofas are no more expensive than quality sofas found at your local furniture stores. In fact, they offer far better value than your average sofa, as they are built with sustainability in mind. As with any quality sofa, an environmentally friendly sofa should be looked at as an investment. Prices of quality sofas can be high, but you should consider the fact that buying an eco-friendly sofa is a much better deal than buying a cheap sofa that will start falling apart after only a few months of use.

So do your research and hunt for your ideal environmentally friendly sofa. Before long, you’ll be relaxing into your proudly chosen couch and will feel satisfied with its outstanding value, classy design, superb comfort, and most importantly, your personal green satisfaction! With a sofa this sustainable, you will be happy with your purchase for many years to come.

This is a guest article by Jurgen Heidenreich. He runs a German website about sofas, which features useful information on many types of sofas, including big xxl sofas and sectional sofas (called wohnlandschaften in German).
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