Green Decorating: Choosing Ceiling Fans That Are Both Stylish and Functional

eco friendly fanCeiling fans are a great way to cut energy costs and decorate with an eco-friendly touch. They circulate the air in a room to keep the temperature relatively even throughout. Since they are relatively inexpensive, ceiling fans are something that even homeowners on a budget can install or have installed to help cut down on their heating and cooling expenses. If you are worried that a ceiling fan may be too boring to hang on your ceiling, there are plenty of functional and stylish options available.

Formal Ceiling Fan Designs
For an elegant look, there are more formal ceiling fan designs available. They range in color from natural wood grains to solid whites or blacks. Many more elegantly styled ceiling fans are flush to the ceiling or have a relatively low profile. This is so that the attention is not primarily on the fan as it does its job. The benefit to this is that the air still gets circulated, but the focal point in the room does not become the ceiling.

Fun and Whimsical Designs
If your decorating style is more relaxed and informal, a fun and whimsical ceiling fan design is probably better suited for your home. There are ceiling fans that look like the nose of an old airplane protruding from the ceiling that would be perfect for a teen boy’s room or a man cave. Ceiling fans with a basketball in the center and a basketball hoop hanging down below it are also popular for boys’ bedrooms and hangouts. For little girls’ rooms there are ceiling fans that have flower petal shaped blades to give a fairy type feel to the room. Fun and whimsical designs are not just limited to children’s bedroom decor, however. There are also fans with blades shaped like palm fronds and other large leaves that are perfect for tropical and sun room decors. While these whimsical styles may be slightly more expensive than plain ceiling fans, they offer a great deal more visual interest than others.

Modern and Contemporary
The ceiling fans of old would never be considered modern or contemporary in design, but today’s ceiling fans offer a brand new look that is perfect for any modern decor. There are ceiling fans that are shiny and sleek and ceiling fans that look more like works of art than they do functional fans. Whether you are decorating a studio apartment in a posh Manhattan neighborhood or installing a fan in a upscale beach house in Malibu, there is a fan design that is perfect for your contemporary decor.

The next time your heating or cooling bill arrives, consider how much money you may have saved by installing a ceiling fan in the most frequently used rooms in your house. Always be sure to turn the fan off when no one is in the room, or you will end up wasting more energy than you saved. Ceiling fans are a great, eco-friendly alternative to cranking up the air conditioner or turning up the heat. When the proper one is installed in the room, you will be able to make a decorating statement as well.

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  1. Ceiling Fans are a great addition to any home, not just for cooling or recirculating the air but also for decoration as there are so many stiles available this days that are going to match any home decor.