{Green Decorating} Eco-Friendly Foyer Decor

When people enter your home, the first place that most of them encounter is the foyer. The foyer should reflect the feel of the rest of your home. A cluttered foyer gives the impression of a cluttered home. Likewise, a soothing, nature-inspired space hints of a tranquil setting beyond. Make the most of your foyer space by incorporating eco-friendly decor into the area while providing guests with a glimpse of your home’s personality and charm.

Mirror, Mirror

A simple mirror is one of the easiest ways to bring the feel of outdoors inside. Hang it, if possible, along the wall opposite of where the door will rest when it is fully open. This allows the light and reflected image of the outdoors to come inside when the door is open. Even if the transition is brief, the reflection in the mirror creates a sense of continuity between the spaces. This makes those who enter the home feel more welcome and relaxed.

Flowers and Plants

Never underestimate the impact that flowers and plants can have on a foyer’s decor. Fresh cut flowers, although more expensive and difficult to maintain, can provide instant life and vigor to the foyer space. Growing a small plot of wildflowers or roses in the backyard is a great way to cut down in costs, while also helping the environment. If cut flowers are too much trouble, find large potted ferns or Ficus trees
to fill some of the foyer space. While you do not want the foyer to be crowded, a large potted plant next to the entryway table can add color and aid in the transition from outdoors to indoors. Be sure to choose a plant that is compatible with the amount of light that the foyer receives.

Found Treasures

Creating fun visual focal points in the foyer is a great way to introduce guests to your home’s style. If you enjoy an eclectic collection of items, consider displaying a few of them in the space. A colorful dish from a trip abroad can be used to hold keys and phones on the table, while an intricately designed wrought iron hook can be mounted on the wall as a picture hanger featuring a favorite family photo. Use items that are already in your home to tie the space in with the rest of the house. By doing this, guests will sense a natural flow to the home as they move from room to room. Other options for fun decor include framed postcards from family vacations, framed pressed flowers from your backyard garden, or a child-created pottery dish on the side table.

Creating a foyer with eco-friendly flair means using elements of nature, as well as objects already in your home to create a beautiful setting. By not purchasing new items, you end up creating a natural transition space that draws the visitor in from room to room. A foyer that is both eco-friendly and welcoming is the most attractive entrance to any home.

Home decor specialist, Alyssa Davis, is a regular writer for Metal-Wall-Art.com, and sheoffers many ideas on how to design your favorite rooms with boats metal wall sculptures and outdoor Western metal art.
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