Green Decorating: Using Plants To Complete a Room

When you are decorating on a budget, you welcome every tip on how to save money. When you are trying to also be environmentally conscious about your decorating decisions, every green living tip is a huge help. Thankfully, there is a great way to fulfill the desire to redecorate while also being eco-friendly. Using plants in your room’s decor is one of the easiest ways to provide a healthier, and greener, environment for your family.

Why Plants?eco friendly decorating
Plants are great room accessories because they provide you with a couple of key things. The first thing they do is to provide a focal point. Their leafy green foliage and colorful flowers are sure eye catchers. Plants also help to filter the air in your room. While you breathe out carbon dioxide, the plants absorb it and turn it into fresh, clean oxygen for you to breathe back in. This symbiotic relationship is ideal, especially in the winter when homes are closed up and air can get stale. Having an oxygen producing plant in the room can really help to cut down on stagnant air.

What Type of Plants?
There are so many different varieties of house plants that you can choose from just about anything. Decide where you would like to place your plants first, and you will then have a better idea as to what type of plant is going to work best for you. For instance, if you have a sunny bay window that just does not seem to be used enough, try hanging spider plants in front of the window. You can also place small potted plants or flowers, like violets, on windowsills, side tables and mantels. If you would like to make a bigger impact, use tall potted palms or ferns that are placed on the floor. Knowing what size area you have to fill will make selecting your plants much easier.

Where to Get Them?
While your first instinct may be to rush off to the garden center or home improvement store’s garden section, there is actually a better place to start. Ask friends and family if they have any houseplants that they no longer want, or that you could take a cutting from. While it will definitely take more time to grow a big, vibrant houseplant than it would to buy one, the benefit is that it is free. Your cost will only consist of a pot and some high-quality potting soil. There are also groups known as Freecycle groups that you can join. Their members post items they no longer need or want and others post things that they need. You may not find the exact houseplant you are looking for, but you may find something that is even better.

Adding plants to your room’s decor is a very eco-friendly and green way to live. It is a simple step that can have big benefits for your home’s air quality and decor. Plants make a house look alive, vibrant and healthy. If that is the type of decor and look you want for your home, be sure to add some plants in your next redesign.

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