Green Money Saving Tips

One of the great parts about going green is that many eco-friendly practices can also save you money. Not only are you doing something to help the environment, but your actions may be able to trim a bit of fat from your budget. The following five tips could help you contribute to eco-friendly actions while saving money too.

Metal Motivation
Recycling scrap metal can be a lucrative way to help the environment. You may have noticed lately those trucks driving around on trash day picking through the stuff in your trash bin. This is because commodity prices have been rising, and this includes metals.

While you might not want to go dumpster diving, saving your own metals and doing a search for local metal recyclers in your area at which your materials could be converted to cash, could earn you a couple of extra bucks each month. And if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that awards cash for exchanging aluminum cans, you may have even more of an incentive to go green by recycling metal.

Landfill Rescue
You could be amazed at what people will put out on the curb come trash day. From televisions and dressers to desks and file cabinets, you never know what might show up in someone’s discarded items. And we all know, what is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Not only can salvaging such items keep them from an untimely demise in the landfill, but it could save you money on purchasing items new, and if you decide you don’t want them, you could always put them in a garage sale and maybe make a few bucks.

Liquid Cash
There are big savings to be had when it comes to going green on bottled items. Whether it’s buying juice in bulk-sized portions and then using it to fill individual bottles rather than using juice boxes or single portion-sized bottles, utilizing mix packets, or reusing water bottles, you can save money as well as reduce the number of plastic bottles being used and put into garbage and landfills.

Energy Efficiency
Becoming more energy efficient can save you hundreds of dollars a year. From the little things like unplugging unused appliances, turning off unnecessary lights, and closing off rooms for heating and cooling purposes, to the bigger changes such as installing energy efficient windows, doors, and appliances, there are numerous ways to save money when it comes to energy. While more major expenditures like appliances or home renovations can cost you money in the short term, you could realize savings that might make your costs well worth their while in the long term.

Transportation is another area in which you could recognize significant savings while greatly diminishing your impact upon the environment. By utilizing public transportation, ride sharing, car pooling or even riding a bike to work, not only might you be able to save money on gas, insurance costs, parking, and vehicle maintenance, but you could reduce your vehicle’s numerous eco-unfriendly effects.

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