Aunt Flo Have You Feeling Down? There are Resources

help for heavy bleedingAny women who has a uterus knows what comes along with that wonderful baby making machine- your period. Regardless of what you call it, your rag, menstruation, aunt flo or period, all women will agree it is that time of the month we all deal with.

While the topic may be a taboo for some, it is a topic all women should be educated on. Some ladies have the luck of breezing through their time of month without a hint of cramps and use panty liners, while others are suffer with heavy bleeding and need heavy flow thick pads. Living with heavy periods can interfere with daily life and learning what options are available for heavy monthly bleeding may offer some relief.

I’ve been one of the unlucky ones for over 16 years. Cramps, tummy pain, lack of energy and heavy bleeding greet me monthly. Over the years I have spoke to my gyno about different methods to help ease those 4 days a month I am miserable. I have tried several different oral contraceptives (birth control pills) with no luck and even BEGGED my Gynecologist to give me a Hysterectomy. My doctor did not want to do a Hysterectomy unless medically necessary and heavy bleeding does not constitute a medical necessity.

After years of oral contraceptives, heating pads and my poor husband dealing with PMS (putting up with moms sh*t), I opted for an intrauterine system (Mirena). The Mirena has been a god send for me! I no longer have to deal with heavy bleeding, in fact I do not bleed at all!

While I am not alone in my quest to rid myself of uncomfortable heavy monthly bleeding, many women do not know there is help available. Mom Central recently surveyed a group of more than 500 Moms and more than 75% of women don’t know help is available for their heavy periods.

There are several causes of heavy menstrual bleeding. Some of the causes are:

  • abnormal clotting
  • uterine fibroids (however fibroids often cause no symptoms)
  • conditions in which pieces of the lining of the uterus grow outside the uterus or into the muscle of the uterus (adenomyosis)
  • hormonal imbalance
  • certain birth control methods, such as an intrauterine device (IUD) or birth control pills
  • uterine, cervical or vaginal cancers
  • chronic liver, kidney or thyroid conditions
  • some medications, such as anti-inflammatory medications, anticoagulants and some hormones

If you are a women suffering with heavy monthly bleeding, don’t suffer any longer! Make an appointment with your doctor of Gynecologist and discuss what options are available for you! If you are unsure what questions to ask, here are some tips to help you talk with your health care provider. You can also find a wealth of information from can help you

  • Understand Heavy Monthly Bleeding
  • Learn about treatment Options for Heavy Monthly Bleeding
  • Learn about the Causes of Heavy Periods

Stop thinking there is no help, because there is! Speak up and talk to your health care provider!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Ferring Pharmaceuticals and received a promotional item to facilitate my review.
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