Heelys Hx2 {review}

Heelys are the cool shoe for kids nowadays, the walk & skate shoe that kids everywhere are raving about. If you have never heard of them, Heelys are wheeled footwear, is a patented dual-purpose skate shoe that incorporates a stealth removable wheel in the heel. My oldest daughter (7) has wanted a pair of Heelys for about 2 years now. I have been reluctant to get her a pair because she has not learned how to skate yet and I did not want her to get hurt.

Apparently Heelys realized that other parents like myself were not sure about the skate shoes and developed a new line, the Hx2. What makes the Hx2 different from other Heelys shoes? Instead of one large wheel, the Hx2 has two smaller, removable wheels in each shoe. Not only is it easier to maintain balance, but wearers of the Hx2 do not require as much leg strength to lift their toes to skate. As beginners get the hang of skating, the Hx2 can be converted into a regular pair of Heelys for a more challenging ride simply by removing one of the wheels. Plus, the Hx2 Heelys are available in adult sizes, so us moms can join in on the fun!

Heelys sent me a pair of the new Hx2 and my daughter a pair for review! She received the Sparkler design which are made with synthetic leather and synthetic patent leather upper that features pearlized and metallic tones with jeweled accents. The shoe is designed well and looks perfect.

The Heelys Sparkler features three Velcro straps for easy on and off, plus it’s good for the younger kids who have not learned how to tie yet! The toe area of the shoes have a Rhinestone detail that adds a girly touch to the blue/green color.

When the Heelys Sparkler arrived, the two wheels were packaged and not in the shoe. Getting the wheels in was very simple and I was able to just pop them into place with a firm push. Once they were in place, it was a snug fit and the wheels were secure.

It did not take like for my daughter to pop her feet into the new shoes to test drive them. Within a few minutes of practice she was able to balance herself fairly well and attempted to roll while holding on to my arm. As a skater with no experience, she did well. After a few practice rolls down our street holding on to my arm she let go and took off down the road.

She tripped a few times (what new skater doesn’t?) but got back up and was determined to learn how to work her new Heelys. It was like learning to ride a bike for the 1st time, and she kept trying until she figured out how to balance herself well. After a day of practice, she no longer needed any help! She was off to show her new Heelys off to all of her friends.

I am so glad we were able to review the new Heelys Hx2 shoes! I honestly probably would not have purchased them, as I was scared she was to young. She loves them and now her little sister (5 years old) is itching to get a pair of Heelys! After seeing how easy it was for my oldest to learn, I will be purchasing a pair for my other daughter!

The Heelys Sparkler shoes are sold for $60 at select retailers and on the Heelys website.

Disclaimer: Heelys provided with me a pair of the Hx2 skate shoes for review. The opinions here are mine alone.
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  1. When I was a child, we didn’t wear bike helmets or safety gear for skating; our playgrounds were potentials physical traumas waiting to happen; we didn’t even have seatbelts (I’m grandmother age). I don’t personally know anyone who was seriously injured because of this. However, with my child and now my grandchildren, I think it’s wise to err on the side of caution. I probably would not buy these for my grandchildren. If they ended up with some, I would hope my daughter and SIL would outfit them with appropriate safety gear. You have to weight the costs and benefits of every activity in life and I know I’m one who tends to be on the conservative side. 🙂

  2. Paula Caudill says:

    These look great and the best part is that they don’t look like skates, my daughter would love these!

  3. nicolerenae says:

    Those look so cool! And it’s good to know that your daughter was a new skater when she tried them, because my kids are not experienced skaters and that’s the first thing I thought of. That’s nice that there are adult sizes too! nicolerenae@gmail.com