Hello Kitty Party Games – 6 Ways to Incorporate Hello Kitty into Any Event

That adorable face. That precious bow.

If you just can’t resist Hello Kitty, you can incorporate her into any party you throw. It’s easy to make any party a Hello Kitty party with Hello Kitty party games!

If you’re about to entertain a bunch of Hello Kitty fans, try out these 6 games:

1. “Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty”

All you need is a Hello Kitty poster and some red construction paper to cut some bows out of. Blindfold your guests, spin them around, and see who can get their blow closest to the top of Hello Kitty’s head.

2. “Pass the Kitty”

Similar to “Hot Potato”, all you need is a stuffed Hello Kitty doll, and you are good to go! Just have your guests pass around Hello Kitty. When the music stops, whoever is holding her is eliminated.

3. “Hello Kitty Whiskers”

Even though your party guests may not have whiskers of their own, they can take advantage of Hello Kitty’s in this game! Hello Kitty’s whiskers are very sensitive; that’s what she uses to sense things around her. Your guests will experience the same thing – only they will have to settle for using their hands!

Fill a pillow case with Hello Kitty-related items like a hair bow, a ball of yarn, a stuffed kitty, etc. Have your guests reach inside – without looking! – feel around, and guess what’s inside. Whoever correctly guesses the most items wins!

4. “Hello Kitty Piñata”

Everyone loves candy and Hello Kitty, so why not combine both with a Hello Kitty piñata! To make it even more special, add some Hello Kitty gear to the candy inside. That way, your guests can get some cool new loot to go along with their sweet treats!

5. “Hello Kitty Catwalk”

Want to see if your guests are just as nimble as Hello Kitty? Spread some bubble wrap over the floor and have each guest walk across it. Whoever can pop the least number of bubbles as they walk across wins!

6. “Find My Twin”

In this game, your guests can turn into twins, just like Kitty and Mimi! All you have to do is put 2 pictures of each of Hello Kitty’s friends into a bowl, and have everyone grab one – without telling anybody which character they picked!

Then, tell everyone to start acting like their character. The goal of this game is to find the person who also picked your character, so it’s important for your guests to play the part and be on the lookout! The first set of “twins” to find each other wins!

Kirsty LaVier is editor for Hello Kitty’s Tea Party.
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