Holiday Card Designs: From Cliche to Creative

Families around the globe look forward to checking their mailbox during the holiday season. Friends and family from near and far send out holiday greetings, reminding one another that this is the season of peace and love.

Choosing a design for a holiday card that is meaningful and tasteful is a fun, yet time consuming process. Some choose to go with more traditional designs, while others are more interested in unique styles. Any online printing company can help anyone discover what suits her best, and can provide the right design easily. Even if your style is of the traditional variety, that does not mean you have to be mundane or cliche. Take a few simple designs and tweak them:

Cliche: Religious Icons
Religious Icons are a mainstay this time of year, and for good reason. However, a typical manger scene is easily forgotten by the recipients, and will likely be tossed out with the Christmas wrapping paper. Likewise, a blue and white menorah sends good tidings for Hanukkah, but doesn’t necessarily convey personality.

Creative: 3D Pop Up Religious Icons
You want to display your religion, but do so in a special way? Die cut cards, like this pop-up nativity, not only serve as a greeting but as a decoration for those you love.

Cliche: Snow Scenes
Snowman, snowflake, icicles: standard fare this time of year.

Creative: Tropical Weather
During the doldrums of the winter, remind your friends that warm weather is right around the corner. Find an online printing company with images of palm trees decked out in lights or Santa Claus on the beach.


Cliche: Family Photos
The family, dressed to impress, is seated in front of a generic backdrop. The text around the card includes family members’ names, so that recipients won’t mix up all of the photo cards they receive that look almost exactly alike.

Creative: Family Photos with a Twist
Instead of sitting down for a studio shot, consider using a photograph from your summer vacation. If you have the time, you could do a collage with a variety of shots from throughout the year: birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special event. Families with a sense of humor might decide to take advantage of an photo studio that uses special costuming or props to make their cards more unique.

Cliche: Cute and Furry Animals
Animal lovers adore these cards with all-white puppies or kittens sending season’s greetings to all.

Creative: Cards That Give
Share your love of animals in a meaningful way. Use an online printing company to share a message about your local animal shelter, perhaps with a list of items that could be donated. Not only will you be sending your best, but you could be making a difference in the life of an animal. Buying a set of these cards funds 14 bowls of food.

Cliche: Holiday Foods
These mouth-watering designs show cakes, cookies, candies, or a holiday feast on a table.

Creative: Your Favorite Recipe
Why not type up your favorite recipe to send along with your holiday card? This gives your friends and family an extra special gift along with your greeting.

Holiday cards can come in multiple colors, styles, and even sizes, but when you personalize the card with your own unique style, you make that daily trip to the mailbox even more worthwhile.

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