Do Yourself A Favor This Holiday and Decorate With Them!

By:  Karen Sullen, My Wedding Favors

Let’s face it!  The holidays can be hectic.  From the shopping to the celebrating, there’s always plenty to do.  Sometimes, we’re so busy running around that we don’t have time to enjoy ourselves.

One way that I like to enjoy this time of year is to decorate my home.  Adding little touches here and there really keep me in a festive mood.  But, as my time grows scarce, I’ve found that those “little touches” are becoming littler and littler.  If you’re anything like me, you need a quick way to make your home look festive, especially if you’re throwing a holiday get-together.  So, here’s my little decorating secret—party favors!

Yep, party favors.

They’re decorative, inexpensive and guests can take them with them as a thank you when the event is over.  Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or just want to decorate your space, party favors can be used to accent your home or event.   Here are three favors that make excellent holiday décor:

Ornaments are essential to holiday decorating.  They’re so versatile; you can put them just about anywhere to perk up your space, like a fireplace, coffee table, shelf or foyer.  You can even place them in a decorative container and create a quick-and-easy centerpiece.

I especially like these snowy ornaments because they’re also place card holders.  Add the names of your guests for an upscale affair or include the names of the prepared dishes to identify them on your holiday buffet.

You’ll find lots of creative uses for ornaments.

Nothing makes your home feel like the holidays more than fragrance.  From the smell of fresh baked bread to the aroma of natural pine Christmas trees and wreaths, the smells of the season will keep everyone feeling festive.

Scented sachets are a great way to add fragrance, especially when they’re as cute as these wintry mittens.  In chilly blue or toasty red, the smell of sweet cinammon will greet guests at the door and add a decorative accent to whatever room you place them in.  Hang them from the mantle or place them in the bathroom.  No matter where you decide to put them, they’ll make everyone feel warm inside!

Everything about this time of year seems to shine—from the twinkling lights on the Christmas trees to the glistening snow outside.  And, there are plenty of ways you can let your light shine, too!

One way is with candles.  Candles are a wonderful accent to any home.

Decorative and useful, there are so many styles to choose from, it will be easy to complement the décor in your home, whether you’re using traditional holiday red and green or a more contemporary combination.

Add a spark to your affair or home with decorative candles for a warm glow to your celebration.

Adding wonderful holiday accents can be easy and fun when you incorporate simple, unexpected touches throughout.  Remember, do yourself a favor and decorate with useful party favors!


Karen Sullen is a writer for Favor Affair, a leading online resource for party favors and gifts for all life’s events, including baby shower favors, wedding favors, birthday party favors, girls’ night out favors, bridesmaid gifts, wedding accessories and more.
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