Holiday Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Shopping for teens can be the most daunting task you have this holiday season.

Teens set a lot of standards of the quality of the gift by the brand or designer associated with it. Oftentimes these products come at a high expense though, and are hard to come by on a tight budget.

With a little inspiration, you may end up being the person to give them their favorite gift this year.

Teenage Girls

Most girls love getting clothes for the holidays. And designer Betsey Johnson brings the Betsey Johnson Pink Patch line as an affordable designer line that will be sure to make the teen in your life smile.

With silhouettes that are flattering to the body they make for the perfect ensemble for any occasion. And with the line having pieces as low as $49.99, you may just have to get something for yourself!


Betsey Johnson Pink Patch Plaid Skirt – $69.00 at Elly’s Couture

Teenage Boys

Boys often seem easier to buy for, as they so often have broad taste in products. For me, this makes it even harder to buy gifts for them, as there isn’t a narrow range I have to sort through but rather thousands of choices.

If this is the case for you as well, go with something simple that will also stand out in their mind. Timex’s Weekender watch is a perfect fit for this matter that can look good will shooting hoops, playing Call of Duty, or even in a suit.

Timex Weekender Red and Gray Slip Through Strap Watch – $31.96 at

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