Home Decorations From Your Garden

Whilst many of us may use our gardens for growing vegetables or flowers, have you ever thought of using items grown in your garden to create decorations for your home? Using things from your garden is not only cheap and convenient, but it’s a great way to add a changing seasonal touch to your home decor.

Here are some decorations you can make using items from your garden.


Wreaths are strongly associated with Christmas; however, you can make beautiful wreaths all year round. You can buy oasis wreath rings from your local florist. They come in a ring shape and are ready for you to add your flowers and leaves to. The oasis in the ring retains water and helps your wreath arrangement to keep its shape. Alternatively, for a less structured option, you can tie your garden items together into a wreath shape using thin craft wire.

In winter, ivy and holly clippings make a great seasonal wreath. In the autumn you can work in branches and pine cones and beautiful red and golden leaves. In the spring and summer you can make wreathes with any of the flowers or plants growing in your garden. It’s best to use an oasis wreath wring for spring and summer wreaths as the water in the oasis will keep the wreath looking fresh for longer.

Seasonal bowls

Find or buy a large bowl, one used for pasta or salad is probably about the right size. It works best if this bowls is in a plain color like white, red, or green, rather than patterned. Go into the garden and find small branches, pine cones, pretty pebbles, leaves; anything that looks seasonal and beautiful. You can then arrange these items in the bowl to create a pretty seasonal display. If you have chosen items that need water put a block of oasis in the bowl then add the flowers or leaves to the oasis. For extra interest you could spray some of these items with gold or silver, or you could add a scent, like Lavender, by adding a few drops of scented oil.

Branch displays

Go into the garden and hunt for an interesting shaped branch. You want one that has lots of smaller branches coming from quite a thick base. Secure the base of the branch within a pot so it stands in the pot like a tree. You can either keep this branch as its natural color or you can spray it white, gold or silver. You can then use this branch to display seasonal items, like decorated Easter eggs, or you could hang it with colored ribbons or you could place family photographs among the branches. Use your imagination to create an attractive display which you can regularly change to match the season.

Vanessa Barlow works for Artscape design and build and likes to think of new ways to use items from the garden in the home.

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