Bedding, Blinds, Curtains & Cushions – Home Furnishings That Don’t Stretch The Budget

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There are a huge amount of stores – online, on the high street, mail order – all selling home furnishings. It can be hard to find real individual designs that reflect your own personality, however just browsing through the home, house, furnishings and diy magazines can bring you some fantastic ideas that could potentially add real character to your home.

No matter which type of home furnishings you are seeking, we know just how important it is to get the best value yet teamed with superior quality – that in itself can be a mine field where thousands of home stores are competing for business.

Sadly these days we are all having to look at ways to improve finances and a good portion of the money saving is aimed at cutting back on home furnishings, or opting for cheaper options. While that is good, lots of us don’t realize the potential of researching properly – by finding a piece of furniture or soft furnishing that we truly desire, then spending time on researching, it can be possible to source those items much cheaper elsewhere.

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So being careful with money doesn’t necessarily mean we all have to miss out, it just means that those high-end goods can be sought somewhere else – sometimes even cutting out the middle man to save costs. Cheap furniture or flat pack solutions may offer short term help, however they can offer a false economy too as they perhaps aren’t as sturdy and as long lasting as solid furniture options. As with soft furnishings, the cheaper the items the lesser quality the fabric used – home furnishings are cheap for a reason. That middle man really will bump the price up!

So try to find out the names of the furnishings that you like, this helps if a retailer has used the name and model details that the manufacturer has created. Sometimes this can work well – even online just by searching for that manufacturer, or model name and number, may throw up some intriguing results.

In the same way, if no details are available, it is worth finding out exactly what the product is made from or finding out what ‘style’ or era it was created in mind of. Again, by searching online for a ‘solid oak dining set’ or 1920’s style vintage chic kitchen table’ you may just find the exact same piece, cheaper, at another store. It works the same with appliances, cushions, sofa’s – and if you don’t find that exact same product, you may see perfect alternatives that are cheaper, and that you might even prefer above the original one you found!

Spruce Up Existing Furniture

Another idea is to simply spruce up the home furnishings you currently have. Is there an old pine dresser in your home that just won’t fit in with your new room design or a throw that is basically the wrong color? Instead of buying brand new furniture or a new throw, turn the dressers bottom half into a chic vintage style floor standing cupboard and the top into bespoke wall hung storage. Dye that throw a different color – for under a fiver you can transform the color to suit your new room design, or move it to a different room.

Stripping down, liming, painting, distressing or waxing can create elegant shabby chic and boutique style door knobs can recreate true style for a fraction of the price of new furniture.

Customize Cushions & Curtains

And adding buttons, bows, sequins, patches and fabric flowers to soft furnishings can completely alter the appearance of cushions, bedding, curtains and more.

Recover Sofas and Chairs

Covering sofas and dining chairs that are in perfectly good condition yet need to be color coded to suit your new decorating scheme can be rewarding if you are looking to save ploughing yet more of your budget into a newly designed room.

The amount of furniture and fabrics that can be changed so much that they are unrecognizable is endless – Ikea furniture can be customized just like Curtains from Argos can be.

We wrote this article because we know just how expensive it can be to revamp a room. Some things just have to be replaced, such as damaged or uneven flooring – however there are ways to help your budget stretch just a little further.

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