Hormel Compleats Life Better Served Contest

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Many days I find myself so busy with the kids finding time to cook myself a good meal just does not happen. From bath time, playdates, to everyday running around I must do. It’s busy days like my own that I find myself in need of a simply meal that can be prepared in minutes.

Companies like Hormel know how busy life can get and have created simple meal solutions for moms on-the-go! Hormel Compleats are meal solutions that allow modern moms to have a satisfying lunchtime meal with quality meats and vegetables, in a matter of minutes. The great thing about Hormel Completes is they don’t need to be frozen or refrigerated, so we can simply grab it and go! Hormel Compleats go from a small package to a delicious meal in 90 seconds, mom can enjoy anywhere!

After learning about Hormel Compleats, I think they would perfect for me on those days I just do not have the time to prepare myself and meal! They would even be perfect for our park-dates! While the kids are off playing I can indulge into my lunch with ease.

Right now Hormel is having the Life Better Served contest. There are three way to enter by visiting Hormel.com and Zooppa.com…

1) Submit a video, have your video chosen by Hormel as one of the best

2) Submit a video, get the greatest amount of votes from the Zooppa community

3) Share a contest video, or share the contest brief (by clicking “share” in the toolbar on the Zooppa site) with at least 5 people, and you’re eligible for a $3,000 sweepstakes drawing

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