Host a Back to School Fashion Show

If there’s one thing that kids can get excited about when it comes to back to school, it’s all the new clothes they get (at least my girl is that way – but then, she’s just entering kindergarten.) The best way to kick off the school year is to go on a fun and fabulous shopping spree with your kids. Go to some favorite stores and stock up on the attire and accessories that they can wear all year long.

If you can turn this fun tradition into a well-designed fashion show, they will love it that much more. This is a great way for them to hang out with their friends, get excited for a new school year, and show each other their best fall fashions. Setting up this party is easy and they will have such fun showing off what they’ve got!

Set Up the Runway

The runway is going to be the most important part of the back to school fashion show. Find either a long hallway or clear out a good spot in the living room where you can set it up. This can be as simple as a longer piece of colored carpet or as elaborate as a makeshift stage. Just use what you’ve got and let them throw in some imagination as well.

Then you set up your announcement booth with a microphone (real or fake) as you are going to talk them through their walk down the runway. Be sure that you can be located nearby to announce them and what they are wearing as they walk down. Have some great tunes in the background to make it feel like a real fashion show. Let them strut their stuff!

Have a Fabulous Dressing Room

Use a bedroom or a bigger bathroom in your house for their fun dressing room where they get to put each outfit together. It has to have a good sized mirror, plenty of room for them to hang their clothes and change into them, and of course the perfect accessories set up. If you have some funky jewelry or accessories like scarves and hats to throw on, that will make them feel even more fashionable.

Give them a bit of help if they need it, or if they are old enough then let them dress themselves up and wait for the surprise entrance. Each child takes a turn at changing outfits and then walking the runway. Getting ready together in the dressing room is half the fun so let them have some time to do this and get in some laughs together.

Smile for the Camera

If you really want to take this back to school fashion show up a notch then have somebody like an older sibling or another parent act as the photographer. Then as the kids come down the runway and pose, they can get their picture snapped. They will adore this and it can make it fun for you too!

As a nice memory of the fun fashion show and day together, give each child a photo frame or simple photo album with some photos of the day printed off your computer. They will have a nice way of remembering how much fun they’ve had. This will not only give them an afternoon of play, but it will allow them to actually get quite excited about going back to school with their friends.

About the author: Chris is a stay at home Dad of two daughters, and sometimes gets enough sleep to write! He is editor of a site full of theme party ideas for kids and adults. Articles include Disney Cars, Smurfs, Elmo and some Yo Gabba Gabba party ideas (which both kids are really into now.)
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