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Last January I made a commitment (not a New Years Resolution, because who really keeps those anyway?) to lose some weight I have been carrying around since Baby G was born. I never lost the extra weight after Memphis was born and now I was carrying around additional weight. Going from a size 3 to a size 12-14 was a BIG adjustment for me, not just in how I looked but how I feel also.

The last 17 months have been so busy. Chasing 5 kids, running errands, school, being a wife, maid and all the jobs a mom has, I had put my own health on hold. When the kids were finally in bed the last thing I wanted to do was work-out. During the day I snacked so often because I did not have the time to sit down to prepare a well balanced  meal.

I never planned on gaining that much weight nor did I have the willpower to give up my own bad eating habits. So, in January when I decided it was time to get myself in shape so I could look and feel better; I was determined. Determined to do what ever it would take to get my body back to how it was 5 children ago!

This was not an easy process for me. Actually it was very hard because I did not want to attempt another diet only to fail. I knew it would take my commitment for it to work. On January 3, 2011 I got a membership to the same gym my husband uses. I knew if I went with him he would push me to keep going when I felt like giving up.

With summer just a few months away I really wanted to get in shape so I could spend some much needed time at the beach.

From January 2011 to April, 2011 I have made major changes! Personal health changes that were hard for me at 1st but have paid off greatly!

A few personal changes I have made..

1. No more sweet tea. We are in the south and sweet tea is big here. I developed a love for sweet tea that a bee has for honey! I drank at least a gallon of tea a day. That is a lot of sugar and calories (about 100 per 8oz according to the label).

I replaced my sweet tea with bottled water. Plain water was not kicking it for me, so I use the Great Value Drink Mix found at Wal-Mart mixed with a 16oz bottle of water. The Cherry flavor I use is 10 calories which is a HUGE difference from the 100 calorie 8oz tea’s I was drinking.

After a few days I could see a difference in my belly area! It did not look as bloated as it normally did.

2. No more skipping breakfast. Mornings are crazy busy here and I would skip breakfast 9 out of 10 times.  In January I began drinking 1 GNC Total Lean Vanilla Bean shake for breakfast. My belly now has nutrients in the AM and I don’t get hungry until lunch time.

Food is needed to get the metabolism going in the morning, so skipping breakfast does not help lose any weight.

3. No more skipping lunch. Afternoons are as busy as mornings here with 2 little ones home during the day. I often would skip lunch and use that time to do some cleaning while the kids ate. By the time dinner rolled around I would be so hungry I would over-eat. Not good!

I now eat a small lunch with the kids that includes veggies and/or fruits. When I do not have a lot of time to cook, I opt for a frozen lunch from Kashi or Smart Ones. They are healthy meal solutions when there is no time to cook.

Weight Watchers Smart Ones is making it easier to stay on track with a healthy meal plan without spending time on prep work beforehand. Their products provide a variety of delicious, convenient and portion controlled meals and snacks that contain lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. And now they are offering two new breakfast items – like the new Egg, Sausage & Cheese Wrap and the French Toast with Turkey Sausage. Plus, the packaging tells you the Weight Watchers PointsPlus values in each serving, allowing you to conveniently plan for the day. Visit for more information.

4. Use that treadmill I see staring at me daily. We have owned a treadmill for years and to be honest I did not even know how to cut it on!

Now, when the kids go down for a nap I use that time for a 30 min. walk/run. I walk for the first 15 minutes and jog at a medium pace for the last 15 minutes.

It took me about a month to get to the 30 minutes. At 1st I could only go for about 10 minutes before I thought I’d have a heart attack and die. Each week I would push myself for a few extra minutes until I got to 30 minutes each use.

5. Visit the gym I now have a membership for. It took me a few days to decide to actually visit the gym. The 1st few weeks were really hard on me! My body hurt and I was ready to say forget it. My wonderfully hubby pushed and pushed me (he knew how important this was to me). After yelling at him a few times and screaming about how tired I was, I went!

The elliptical machine got cussed at a lot! For some reason I wanted to blame the machine for my pain when really it was my own fault for allowing my body to get so out of shape. As my body adjusted to the physical work it no longer hurt. It actually began to feel better!

Now, I visit the gym for 1 hour, 5 days per week. When the little ones head to bed, hubby and I head to the gym. I do a quick run on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and spend the remaining 20 minutes or so doing ab exercises with the hubs.

Those are just a few of the changes I have made over the last several months to get my body back to feeling healthy. If you’re anything like I was your probably not motivated, but I can tell you that I feel 100% better! Not to mention in 4 months I have lost 24 pounds! I feel great and am on the path to getting my sexy back!

Now I want to hear from you! What are you doing to feel better, get ready for summer, or live a healthier life?

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  1. Jennifer Dickerson says:

    That’s awesome!! I am doing the same thing! I am so ready to get rid of the last of my “baby weight” and be able to walk up and down the beach with my head held high, thinking to myself “Yeah! I look good don’t I”! HAHA!

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hi Jennifer, I am sure you can hold your head high now! But I know what you mean about feeling like we look better. That was a big thing for me and kept me motivated.

  2. Jennifer Dickerson says:

    Oh and P.S. Smarts ones are about the best tasting frozen health food you can get at the store.

  3. Cheryl W. says:

    Oh man! Sweet tea is going to be the death of me too! I am giving up my beloved sweet tea and I am controlling my diabetes much better. I am about to get this carb count down to a T. Excersize is also key in getting my health back to par and hopefully I will be able to get off insulin injections soon. That is my plans so far.

    • Tara V., TheFabShoppingMom says:

      Hi Cheryl, Sweet tea has been my favorite drink since moving to GA in 05. It was VERY hard for me to give up. I do spoil myself every now and then with a glass. Keep me updated with your progress! I would love to help keep you motivated!

  4. I am concentrating on eating mostly low-calorie vegetables as part of my meals amd snacks. They are filling and fiber rich! Good luck to us all!