How to: Be the Perfect Host with the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Everyone wants to be the perfect host, yet if your guests are stopping over, part of being the perfect host means offering them the perfect bedroom. From sound-proof oak doors to the luxury of a private bathroom – here are eight points to consider when designing and maintaining the perfect guest bedroom.

Keep it Tidy

It can be tempting to use the guest room as an additional storage area, but if you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, leave your clutter elsewhere.

And needless to say, make sure everything is dusted, wiped and vacuumed!

Use Neutral Colors

Think about designing your guest bedroom in the same way you would think about designing your home if you wished to sell it.

If you want your guests to wake relaxed and rejuvenated, the room needs to be made-up in colors that are calming and neutral.

Offer them Some Entertainment

Not everyone falls asleep easily, especially when in a strange room, so make sure your guests have something to occupy themselves with should they find themselves lying awake during the early hours.

A television is great but a selection of magazines should go down well too.

Keep it Quiet

If your guest wishes to go to bed before you, or lie in after you get up, it’s important the room is quiet.

Make sure to line the floors with thick, high-quality carpets. Not only will they make the room more comfortable but they will also absorb noise from surrounding areas.

In addition, consider fitting oak doors. Oak is amongst the thickest and densest woods around, meaning that oak doors are perfect for absorbing noise.

Install an En-Suite

While this is an expensive addition to a guest bedroom, it’s undoubtedly the ultimate. Every guest will appreciate their own bathroom, regardless of its size.

Just remember to leave out fresh, clean towels and a selection of toiletries.

Go for Comfort

Invest in a comfortable bed. Your guest room could look as picture-perfect as possible but if the bed’s as hard as a rock or has springs practically penetrating the sheets, your guests will not be happy. Oh, and make sure it’s a double too.

Offer Information

A folder containing maps, fliers and brochures related to the local area is a great touch, especially for those that are new to the area.

The folder is vital though; leaving paper around the room will simply look messy.

Check the Temperature

Ensure the room is not too hot or too cold. If possible, show your guests how to use the radiator. Also, offer the guests a heater and a fan just in case they still find themselves shivering or sweating through the night.

A hot water bottle is a nice touch too.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of UK Oak Doors; suppliers of internal doors UK. Amy loves to be the perfect host and feels the design and features of her guest bedroom reflect this.
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